Patmos Island, Greece

The small Greek island of Patmos is located in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea, 70 km from the coast of Turkey, it is part of Southern Sporadic Islands.

28.11.2013Patmos Island, Greece

Территория этого острова небольшая – чуть более 34 кв. km he rocky and divided by isthmuses into three parts, the top of Profitis Ilias, the island’s highest mountain, reaches 269 m above sea ​​level. There are no forests on Patmos, its coastline is about 63 km, but there are not many good approaches to the sea. Population Islands – less than 3 thousand people.

The bulk of tourists come to Patmos on cruise ships and ships with excursions for a couple of hours, so even in the midst Season in hotels of the island there is no excess of holidaymakers. Tours on Patmos assume mainly a relaxing beach holiday. Most vacationers prefer to sunbathe and swim in the sea on the beach near the town of Grikos: there is a mass of eateries and taverns with delicious food, good infrastructure. Not less popular sandy beach of Kampos (Kambos) – here you can rent equipment for water sports. Worth a look also at one from small beaches: Kalikazu, Psilli Ammos and Diakofti not far from Port Scala.

Patmos Island, Greece

Patmos Upper Town called Chora is the capital islands. Here is the commercial port and most of them live residents. Patmos is known as a major center of Eastern Orthodoxy and one of the main points of pilgrimage to the holy places The Mediterranean. On the island there are about 50 churches and World famous shrines – Apocalypse Cave and Monastery St. John

Patmos Island, Greece

According to legend, John the Evangelist lived on Patmos in 95-97 yy In the cave that bears his name now, John heard a voice God and wrote “Apocalypse” (“Revelation”) – a book that later entered the canon of the New Testament. In this regard, Patmos often called the “Island of the Apocalypse.” Near the cave is a monastery John the Divine. The date of its foundation is 1088, when the Rev. Christodoulos Patmosky received a gold bull from a Byzantine Emperor with permission to build a monastery. This bull is still has been kept in the monastery library next to rare books and documents, including: more than a thousand manuscripts, 900 codes and about 3 thousand books. From the terraces of the monastery offer wonderful views of the whole island and the endless sea. Monastery, cave and historical Center of Patmos – Chora, entered the list of World Heritage Sites UNESCO in 1999.

Patmos Island Map


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