Parts of the Mycenaean throne found in Greece


Греческие археологи совместно с американскими коллегами послеpainstaking work announced the next important discovery. They succeeded detect large fragments that are most likely to be parts of the throne of the Mycenaean kingdom. According to preliminary estimates The find dates back to the 13th century BC. Discovery managed to make in few meters from the Mycenaean Acropolis. And the total weight of the fragments – more than 50 kg.

He heads the excavations, which are carried out by a large team. Archaeologists, Christofilis Maggidis – Associate Professor of the Department Archeology State University Dickinson and President Mycenaean Institute.

Traces of the throne were found in June 2014. But archaeologists told the Greek Ministry of Culture about the importance of opening only in July 2015 after extensive research and getting results. According to the report, this is the only throne. Mycenaean era, found in continental Greece. The ministry culture is currently engaged in providing assistance in further research.

It is worth adding that the Ancient Mycenae and fortified urban The Acropolis is a great treasure trove of valuable relics, many of which yet to be discovered.

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