Paros Island Romance in solitude

Paros Island (Greece) belongs to the islands of the Cyclades archipelago. The area of ​​the island is 196 sq. Km. Closest neighbor island Naxos is located just six kilometers east.


Принято считать, что Парос имеет достаточноtranquil landscapes, but the highest point, mountain Profitis Ilyas, reaches 771 meters above sea level. And this, you see, is not at all few.

Paros Island – a beautiful corner Greece, which is great for romantic getaway. Pastime on this island has to privacy and regularity: you can safely stroll in palm groves, sunbathe on excellent beaches and visit the oldest monasteries.

However, those who prefer an active form of recreation in Paros may find a lesson like. Swimming and sailing lessons, Aqua Paros Waterpark or cycling the island will be a great addition to your holiday Paros island.

Paros Island. Romance in Solitudea photo:

A bit of history

In antiquity, Paros was the heart of the Cycladic civilization. On him engaged in the extraction and sale of white marble. In the 6th century BC at As a result of the war with the Persians, the island passes into the power of the Athenians. But, despite the large number of military conflicts on the island The mining of this rock continues. So reportedly historians, it is from marble from the island of Paros was created famous work of art – sculpture of Venus Milossky.

II century AD marked by the fact that the island appears Christianity.

From the 13th to the 16th centuries, the island was influenced by the Venetian regime, and in the middle of the XVI century, Turkish troops conquered the island. And only in XIX century Paros gains independence.

Paros Island. Romance in Solitude


Spending my time on Paros will certainly visit the capital – the city of Parikya. It is perfectly preserved old town in which of particular interest Castro quarter of the Byzantine era.

Also in the old town turn your attention to the church Panagia-Ekatontapiliani, which was built by order Saint Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine the Great. Today The church of Panagia-Ekatontapiliani is the oldest Greek the temple.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting Archaeological Museum, in which the walls are collected the richest collection of ancient artifacts. The museum building is located in close proximity to the already known church.

But besides the city of Parikya, there is one magnificent island settlement to visit – a town called Lefkes Some architectural buildings of the city preserved from the 15th century. As a building material on The island often used white marble. So old Agia Triad Church (Holy Trinity Church), located in Lefkes, it is built from this natural stone

Paros Island. Romance in Solitude

Where and how to relax

Naturally, holidays in Greece are inextricably linked with relaxation on the sunny beach. Paros beaches its beauty landscapes are not inferior to other Greek beaches. BUT places like Chrisi Akti and Tserdakia have received ecological Blue Flag certificate of conformity for coastal cleanliness lines.

In the second half of summer, the island is dominated by fairly strong winds that create perfect conditions for windsurfing.

For those who like to spend their night actively, drink a couple of cocktails and dancing, the island of Paros has many bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The most famous are Buena Vista Saloon DOr and The Dubliner.

Spending your holidays on this Greek island is sure to take time to taste the local dish from baked in lamb grape leaves, seasoned and feta cheese. AT supplement will certainly order a glass of wine made from grapes, which grows on Paros.

Island Map

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