Pad Capao – features a delicious dish in Thailand

Let’s talk about a Thai rice dish, loved by how Thais and farangs. Visitors to restaurants and cafes, and Also in makashnitsah, order this dish more than any other. By arriving on holiday in Thailand if you are hungry and can not decide which dish to enjoy, then run into any restaurant and order dishes PadKapao or Pad Kra Prao. Sit back at the table wait for the waiter and confidently proclaim to him: “Pad kra prao kai-dao krap! “. This dish was called by the Thais as” duty set “consisting of Pad Capao with well-done egg and rice.

In Thailand, PadCapao is ordered in no small quantities in during each day. Pad Kra Kraubodet in Russian sound like “order and don’t think.” The dish consists of chili, garlic, basil and meat. The most important ingredient may be any kind of meat: poultry, fish, pork … Included ingredients are roasted according to the method “wash fry”.

Pad Capao

Regardless of the fact that Pad Kra Prao has a small composition, his taste is different every time, basically it depends from spices and from the type of butter. Some chefs when cooking Pad Capao fry vegetables and meat in large pieces, the latter make the same the procedure, carefully roasting the stuffing itself. When eating Pad Kra Prao, you immediately feel that this dish is just fried and not extinguished in a skillet.

Some may want to argue that the most A popular dish in Thailand is rice noodles. fried with spices, vegetables and meat. I want to express my The view that PadCapao is no less popular! This dish is not Doing without fried eggs, decorated with greens. Another indisputable plus this dish is that its preparation does not have to wait long, The whole procedure will take up to 10 minutes. Enjoy your meal!

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