On Aegina will be held the next festival pistachios

September 17-20, the annual festival will take place on the island of Aegina Fistiki. 60 stands will present a huge amount of products from pistachios and not only.


Visitors can buy local cheeses, lace, honey, jewelry products and ceramics. The program includes children’s activities, art exhibitions (Aegina is known as the “island of artists”) and music shows.

You can’t call pistachios purely gastronomic. Average 20,000 visitors in 4 days will have time to enjoy the best performances. musicians, buy interesting souvenirs and, of course, feel taste of the famous pistachios of Aegina. There is a large nursery here. pistachios, and the bulk of the harvest falls on this island. Invariably the longest queues – at the stands with the Greek sweets for which these nuts are an important ingredient.

September 17 at 18:00 will be the opening of the stands in the main port Aegina. Also, the Ethnographic Museum organizes music shows and Exhibitions.

September 18 and 19, you can go to the tower Markellos, where in The festival will open an art exhibition.

Among the large number of events, everyone can choose entertainment for yourself. Detailed schedule in English is on festival website: www.aeginafistikifest.gr

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