Oia – the place of the best sunsets on Santorini


Достопримечательности Ии

Just admiring the architecture of Yee is a must for every tourist. But some of the time should definitely be allocated to sightseeing. For example, Sea the museum, which since the 90s is located in a beautiful old mansion. But for the first time it opened in 1956, presenting guests the glorious maritime history and traditions of Santorini. Mostly in the museum The emphasis is on the period from the XIX century. It stores the sea equipment with a detailed description and interesting archives, form sailors, photos and models of ships.

Museum not quite unusual for Santorini tools. It contains copies of music. tools of ancient and Byzantine times. Museum’s mission is closer to acquaint contemporaries with musical culture and her evolution.

Staying in Ie, you should definitely go to the island Firasia – it is located opposite the city. it the only inhabited island of those that formed near Santorini. Firasia – untouched by tourism and modern civilization island with a small population. Here you can wander through the picturesque the streets, relax in the tavern, visit several churches and swim in clear waters – the main wealth of Firasia.

Sights of Ii - Santorini Mills

Walking on Ie, it is worth getting to the Windmills mills – a kind of business card, which became a symbol town. They rise above the houses and are also painted white, like all the buildings around. Many come to Windmills on sunset when there is an opportunity to make amazingly beautiful snapshots.

The remains of the fortress of times Venetians. It served as a maritime observation point, from where the threat of attack by pirates constantly emanated. Now the ruins used by tourists as an observation deck. Wanting to watch sunset from the fortress a lot, but it is better to come here at dawn, when the views are no less impressive, and there are almost no tourists.

Entertainment in Ie

First of all, Oia owes her popularity to sunsets. therefore for any tourist meeting sunset is the main entertainment in this small town, and for any resident of Yi – a reason to be proud of their homeland and advise visitors to the best points to observe. In an attempt to catch the best shot tourists climb as high as possible and take places long before the “moment of truth.” However, pushing in a crowd is not at all necessarily – you can choose any restaurant with successful panoramas and quietly wait for sunset, enjoying dinner. Among the many viewing platforms are those that go to the bay of Ammoudi. It is believed that the sunsets of Ii reveal their beauty in this very parts of the city.

Entertainment in Oia on Santorini

Free time on Ie can be devoted to restaurants and taverns. Many of them adhere to the traditional Greek style as in interior and menu, offering Mediterranean dishes and seafood.

With shopping opportunities in Yeh, too, everything is in order. Here souvenir shops, art galleries, which sell modern masterpieces for interior decoration, jewelry and wine the shops.

Being one of the most advertised places of Santorini, Oia is still remains a destination for romantics. It is worth to come here at least for two days to catch the sunset a few sights and, without haste, just feel the atmosphere of the picturesque city.

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