New Year in Greece

The traditions of New Year’s Eve in Greece are very different from Russian traditions. And even the name of the holiday is different – Day St. Basil and, accordingly, comes to the kids not Grandfather Frost, and St. Basil.

19.11.2013New Year in Greece

Впрочем, кое-что похожее все-таки имеется: выглядит АгиосVasilis (Saint Basil), like Santa Claus, is an old man with a white beard in a red and white outfit that the night before he goes round houses with a holiday and gives presents to all children. Official the residence of St. Basil, like the residence of Santa Claus, is located also in the north, but in this case in the north of Greece. Residence attracts a large number of the population – are settled here folk festivals, holiday concerts and various competitions.

New Year is known to be a family holiday, therefore, choosing foreign country to celebrate it, be prepared for what you many traditions simply can not see. Of course you can enjoy a fabulous winter greece adorned with hundreds of lights garlands, firs and sailing ships (for Christians, a ship is the symbol of a happy and sinless life, therefore often along with Christmas trees cities are decorated with mock ships). On the squares of big cities there will be festivities where you can dance sirtaki, taste basilopites with coins baked inside for good luck. By booking advance place in the restaurant-cafe-club, you can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine.

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But the true taste of the holiday can be felt only in the family. And if you have such an opportunity, then in no case do not miss it. After all, the New Year in Greek is very fun and unusual. So, for example, exactly at midnight everyone goes out to the courtyard, and the head of the family the pomegranate fruit is smashed against the wall of the house: the more the backyard bone, the more happiness awaits the family in the New Year. Coming in the New Year’s Eve in a strange house, take with you a stone that you get on the road: if it is big and heavy, wish for to owners as much good and wealth; if he be small and easy, then wish the same small, irrelevant problems in New year.

Also in the New Year, it is customary to exchange “fotikami”: these are small sticks, on which are strung fruit and candy, and crowns it Candle artwork as a symbol of light and hope.

There is a New Year and many bans. So, for example, you can not shout in the New Year, you can not grind and drink coffee, to beat the dishes and run into the house of animals in black.

New Year in Greecephoto: © Reuters

But what you can and even need is to have fun, not lose heart and try as many people as possible to congratulate on the holiday.

So if you want to change the atmosphere of everyday life with running around, standing in lines, cooking festive dishes and plunge into the fairy tale – welcome to Greece!


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