New discoveries on a desert island Despotiko


Министерство культуры Греции объявило о новых открытиях,made in the excavations of the archaic sanctuary of Apollo. A large area of ​​the sanctuary is located on a desert island. Despotiko, west of Antiparos.

Presenting the results of archaeological excavations and restorations, held on the island since May 30, the ministry said: managed to find a large number of simple and decorated shards dishes The finds are dated to about 4th century BC. Among the new the treasures of the sanctuary of Apollo – more than 20 vessels with the inscription “Apollo”, a fragment of ceramic tableware depicting feats Hercules, an archaic black-figure cup with images of warriors, bronze buckles.

The list of finds is replenished every year. Excavations on the island Despotiko began in 1997, and since then, researchers have confidence appeared: the sanctuary of Apollo was the largest on Cyclades after the sanctuary of Delos. In antiquity, Despotiko was a place pilgrimage, and perhaps a kind of tourist destination that time. Therefore, the sanctuary continuously expanded and preserved thousands of items of worship.

In total, we have so far managed to find 15 buildings that belonged to the temple. Excavations are also conducted in the ritual dining room. the sanctuary. Despotiko is planned to become popular. archaeological site. Now some companies are organizing day cruises from the island of Antiparos.

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