Naxos Island. From Lord Byron to ours days


Наксос – самый большой греческий островCycladic archipelago. But so far the island has not enjoyed wide popular with tourists since the airport in Naxos was built relatively recently, and Russian tour operators practically did not offer holidaymakers tours to this island.

Nevertheless, the Greeks love to rest in this place, and with the opening of the airport tourist flow every year increases.

By the way, this Greek island in the 18th century was located for four years under the rule of the Russian Empire.

Naxos - the largest Greek island of the Cycladic archipelago

Rest on the island of Naxos will appeal to those who loves outdoor activities: the north wind Meltemi, which does not subside from dawn to dusk, creates ideal conditions for lovers windsurfing. This weather on Naxos holds from mid-July to mid-August.

For lovers of the vibrant nightlife, Naxos will provide many bars, discos and nightclubs. And it should be noted that night life is often more active than daylight.

In 2013, the Municipality of Naxos and the Little Cyclades released a video aimed at attracting tourists who want to learn the history and culture of the island.


If you decide to get acquainted with the cultural life of the island, you can visit the gates of Portara, which are intended ancient architects (VI century BC) were to be the entrance to temple of apollo.

Portara Gate

Do not disregard the Venetian fortress Castro and the Archaeological Museum of Naxos, which contains a large collection of exhibits from different periods stories.

Naxos beaches

Where are the best beaches in the world with crystal clear water? Right – in Greece!

And the beaches of Naxos deserve special attention: in the XIX century Lord Byron gave a very high rating to local beaches and counted them. the best in the world!

The coast on almost all beaches is sandy, and the length coastline about 100 kilometers. Naturally all the beaches washed by the clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

Beaches Agios Georgios, Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka – great places to complete enjoy the beach holiday.

Naxos hotels

The island has a well-developed hotel infrastructure, but the main options for accommodation are offered in the segment inexpensive apartments.

Naxos Map

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