Natural Greek Cosmetics Straight From Greece


Самым любимым и самым эффективным компонентом греческойCosmetics is the world famous Cretan olive oil, which the Greeks themselves call “green gold.” If successful combination of olive oil with lavender, rosemary, honey, aloe, chamomile and various oils Greek producers get excellent products for the treatment and restoration of the skin of the face, body hair.

All raw materials used in the manufacture of cosmetics, passes multistage quality control. Certainly additional quality guarantee is a strict ban of the Greek government use chemicals when processing olive trees. This the ban has become the principle of production, and today to be confident in the impeccable quality of each product, shipped from greece. The secret of the same production cosmetics is the use of ancient technologies manufacturing that has been passed on for many years from generation to generation. Often the composition of a new product is enriched very rare oils, herbs and plants that are nowhere else do not meet.

Greek cosmetics, which you will find in every corner Greece and Cyprus are well known throughout the world thanks to their amazing properties. It is developed by amazing technology that allows you to use only environmentally friendly, natural ingredients. Greek companies develop their products by combining natural vitamins, olive oil and other vegetable oils, and also extracts of plants and herbs.

Properties of Greek cosmetics:

  • deeply moisturizes, tones, nourishes the skin of the face and everything bodies;
  • hypoallergenic, has no side effects;
  • saturates each cell with micronutrients and vitamins;
  • normalizes complexion;
  • smoothes wrinkles, relieves age spots, reduces burns, scars;
  • effectively acts in case of skin diseases (acne, rosacea).

Lack of hormonal drugs, fragrances, GMOs, silicone, petrolatum, harmful parabens and other chemistry provides the popularity of Greek cosmetics not only in Greece, but also far beyond its limits.

Today in Russia you will find not so many cosmetic products. from the leading greek brands that comes from Greece

The most complete range of cosmetics you can find at official representatives of the company, offering products of such leading brands as: Olivelia Macrovita, Aphrodite, Olives secret, Olive Argan, Helix ir.

Collaboration with leading brands specializing in production of top quality cosmetics, gives opportunity to please all Russian men and women, so love this product.

Cosmetics collections are fully represented in assortment: 100% natural soap on based on olive oil, creams, shampoos, lotions and many others natural skin care products.

Greek Cosmetics Online Store GREKCOSMETIK offers its customers an excellent choice of natural cosmetics, created on the basis of millennial traditions. Most of this cosmetics made in perfect conditions on the island Crete using local olive oil, herbs and plants.

The price of Greek cosmetics is incommensurably lower than the cost. cosmetic products of world luxury brands, but efficiency, quality and naturalness are many times greater waiting

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