Milos – rest and beaches of the Greek island


Milos is the richest Cycladic island in all respects. is he It is famous for its impressive mineral reserves, diverse landscape, thriving agriculture. And the fact that here concentrated the greatest number of beaches in the Cyclades – more than 70. All this makes Milos a special place to stop. what waiting for tourists on the island?

Sights of Milos

The past epochs left a worthy legacy to Milos. For example, the ancient theater in Tripiti, which the Romans built on a hill in Hellenistic period. Later, the Athenians completely changed the original – rebuilt it using white Paros marble and decorated with bas-reliefs. High-quality acoustics allows you to theater cultural events, although it is not in the ideal condition.

The Venetians left Milos Castro fortress. So in the thirteenth century they approved their presence on the island. On the way to the fortress tourists meet at once three churches. The castle itself was not surrounded by impregnable walls – it was defended at home. At its top was the Tower. governor, and the castle partly served as the residence of the local government. Now from the top of the hill it is convenient to consider snow-white houses and sea expanses of Milos.

The catacombs are another important monument of the island. This is christian Roman cemeteries that served at the same time churches and helped believers hide from persecution. Visit the catacombs cost for several reasons: this is the largest example ancient cemetery of Christians, also built in the volcanic breed. Inside preserved epitaphs, religious paraphernalia, unique graffiti, altar and frescoes.

Milos - rest and beaches of the Greek island

There are several museums in Milos with fascinating exhibits. The Folklore Museum is located in a 200-year-old building. His exhibits familiar with the everyday life of the island of the XVIIth and later centuries. Here stored originals of dishes, costumes, furniture. In the Church Museum You can see the Byzantine icons, carved objects, gold, silver bowls and impressive mosaics.

Milos - rest and beaches of the Greek island

Beaches of Milos: where better to relax?

Rest on the coast of Milos is a real pleasure, especially that the choice of beaches and coves is huge. Most beautiful and photographed considered Sarakiniko. Landscapes really impressive: huge stones of fancy shapes hang over the water, the austere landscape of white volcanic rocks contrasts with bright sea. And, of course, the purity of the sea makes Sarakinik beach, which should be included in the route.

Milos - rest and beaches of the Greek island

Tsigrado is impressive no less. This small sandy bay with crystal water surrounded by rocky cliffs. To get here need to go through the rocky “corridor”. That is why idyllic Tsigrado is never crowded with tourists.

Fiiplaka – a long beach with a golden coast and colorful rocks that approach the water. Clear waters its coasts are quite exotic: the sea here has a blue-green shade.

Milos - rest and beaches of the Greek island

How else to have fun on Milos

The island offers a lot of entertainment for active guests. Unforgettable moments will give sea kayaking, during which tourists explore the numerous sea caves and arches, managing appreciate the diversity of the coastline of Milos. Island has also interesting hiking trails. The path will pass through ancient villages, past historic churches and picturesque rocks.

Romantics have chosen Milos as a place for yachting – local Companies are ready to accommodate any requests. When buying excursions a barbecue stop can be made in a mysterious cave. But the most interesting offer – night walk under the starry sea the sky.

Milos taverns and bars are another source of pleasure for tourists. Excellent fish are working in Pollonia, Plaka and Adamas. taverns There are few night clubs on the island, but instead you can go to institutions with traditional music and entertainment “Greek in the evenings”.

Milos - rest and beaches of the Greek island

Milos may well be called an island where there is a lesson for every tourist. Whether it is educational relaxation and familiarity with the origins of the Cycladic civilization, active entertainment or relaxing atmosphere of the coast. Here, as nowhere else are combined history, variety of beaches and all the attributes of a typical resort of life.

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