Make up your mind Greece is closer than it seems!


Greece. So close and so far! What are they talking about? Blue screens of our country: cheap oil, expensive dollar and widespread crisis. And the holiday is getting closer and no one will cancel it. You are plagued by doubts and nightmares: where and how to get a portion two weeks of relaxing freedom?

We answer – in Greece!

Santorini is closer than it seems!

Why do you so strongly recommend to go to Greece?

Not only to Greece. The world is big, and you need to go there to rest, wherever you want

But Greece is a special zone, after which you have a rest in a new department is formed in the brain, responsible for comfortable and serene rest.

By the way, on the x-ray this department looks like a Greek map. Ready to show a snapshot.

Make up your mind! Greece is closer than it seems!

Yes, but now in Greece it is very dangerous! Crisis, migrants and etc.

Of course, dangerous! And from the course on the history of ancient Greece to you it must be known that the Greek gods in general were cannibals. Kron, for example, devoured his children for fear of losing power.

Flowers in the streets of Mykonos

Seriously, despite all the world turmoil, Greece was and remains one of the safest countries in Europe.

Expensive! The euro exchange rate is almost 100 rubles!

Rest is almost always expensive. Resist here useless. How much is written in the bill, so much and pay.

By the way, some tour operators are willing to sell you a seven-day Thassos tour for a ridiculous EUR 304 for two. Admit it is not very expensive.

beach on Thassos

And if you choose Greece, your family will have the opportunity pull up the Greek language. * * Upgrading courses take place on throughout Hellas. The price is included in the tour price.

Tour operators go bankrupt, entire countries are closed for rest, cancel flights. As a result, tourists have problems and spoiled relaxation!

Yes, we also know about this, and we also know that even the most expensive cars, the iPhone 6 without Steve is not the same, but the land is soon time will disappear under the water column.

Make up your mind! Greece is closer than it seems!

Today, no one is immune from bankruptcy. Especially in a country with unpredictable vector of economic and political development. But in these conditions, you can try to take following:

  1. if you feel self-confident – organize independent rest;
  2. if there is no organizational skills – choose tour operator, study, read reviews, decide, buy. Can look towards Mouzenidis or Tez Tour.

And what is the result, in Greece?

And now no joke. It all depends on your imagination and degree. purse fullness. Of course, if there is a financial opportunity – we vote with all our hands for a vacation in Greece. Simply Believe me, it’s very good there.

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