Last Minute Tours: Pros and Cons

Quite often we read various kinds of ads that invite to rest in Greece for very little money. Headlines all these ads are almost the same: “Last minute tour Greece next week for 199 rubles. ”

21.09.2013Last Minute Tours: Pros and Cons

Заманчиво? Yes! But are there any pitfalls for similar offers? Now we will try to answer this question.

First you need to understand what kind of attractive service it is. in the tourist market – “last minute tour Greece. ”

“Last-minute tour” is a ticket to this or that country at a reduced price, and at the moment this offer remained unclaimed. In other words, this is a tour that at one time did not buy. And to somehow offset the costs travel companies launch similar promotions with lower worth it. In most cases, the price includes almost full package of services: air tickets, accommodation and meals. But … as you know, free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

Last-minute tours: pro and contra

We understand further.

Consider what are the advantages of “burning tours in Greece. ”

  • The first and most important plus is, of course, price. Discounts in such promotions can reach 70% from the original cost! Here it is worth noting the following: what The closer the check-in date, the lower the price.
  • The second plus is that you get almost the same range of services as and when buying a regular tour.

On this pros, perhaps, ended.

Now let’s talk about the cons “burning tours. ”

  • The first. You can not plan your vacation, because a hot tour Sold just a few days before departure.
  • The second. Good hotels never “burn”, and the numbers in them Booked well before arrival.
  • Third. Not very transparent pricing policy on charter flights. Air ticket prices may soar immediately before departure, and therefore there is a great risk do not fly away.
  • Fourth. You will not receive travel insurance, as This service is issued at least 7 days before departure.
  • The fifth. In such a short time you will not have time to issue a Greek visa This condition does not apply to those who already have open schengen visa.
  • The sixth. If you decide to abandon the tour, then most likely money will not be returned to you. Cancellation fee is 100%.

So, we see the following picture: cons more than pluses. But … if you don’t afraid to take a little risk, you are easy-going and ready to be neglected By some inconveniences, the minuses turn into minus and pluses gain weight and become “fat”.

Last-minute tours: pro and contra

And, most importantly, before you buy a tour in Greece (regardless of whether it “burns” or not), decide on the purpose of the journey, and then the chances of spoiling the experience of the holiday will tend to zero.

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