Kythnos: Beaches and Sights Cycladic island


Kythnos is a small mountain island located in the western parts of the Cyclades archipelago. Proximity to Athens, wild beauty, interesting architecture and great beaches attract residents greek capital. And tourists often combine visiting Kythnos with trip to other Cycladic islands. What is worth seeing and on what beaches of Kythnos is better to relax?

What to look at Kythnos

In the village of Driopida is located Byzantine Museum. His meeting fit in the building of the church of Agios Georgios. The museum has a large a collection of Byzantine and 150 post-Byzantine icons, books, Orthodox crosses, manuscripts, clothes of priests. Some Books and icons are truly valuable exhibits. They were created Athos monks. In the same village works Folklore Museum. His extensive collection includes traditional clothes and significant items of folk art.

Kythnos: beaches and sights of the Cycladic island

Kythnos has many churches that reflect the commitment islanders religion. The most famous – Panagia The canal, built in honor of the patroness of the island. It is located in the village of Canal, on top of a hill overlooking the sea. The church is interesting original architecture. Stone arches and blooming the garden is decorated with it. It is known that Panagia Kanala had value during times of Byzantium. The church holds a large icon of Our Lady, Created by one of the Cretan priests in the 17th century. According to faith local, it is miraculous.

Kythnos is one of the largest Greek caves – Katafiki, which was first discovered in 1830 It is notable for interesting rock formations and colorful stalactites. Unfortunately, the latter were partially destroyed during the period when the cataphics were used as a mine.

Kythnos: beaches and sights of the Cycladic island


Of interest are the excavations of Maroulas. In 2005, dozens of ancient huts, 15 tombs, the remains of sanctuaries, human skeletons and tools. This is the most significant discovery of the Mesolithic in Greece.

In the north of Kythnos, you can see the fortress Orias During the Ottoman occupation of her used to imprison Greek artists and architects. Orias is perfectly preserved. Tourists can stroll through medieval construction and enjoy the panoramas neighborhoods.

The main city of Kythnos – Chora – attracted by the typically Cycladic style of architecture. White and blue houses, streets, buried in flowers, have already become the hallmark the capital of the island. In Chora, you can visit the stylish restaurants and traditional taverns, see orthodox churches and make bright pictures on the winding alleys of the city.

Kythnos: beaches and sights of the Cycladic island


No less remarkable is the village of Merihas. This is a lively port from which tourists usually arrive. acquaintance with Kythnos. Nearby you can see the ruins of the ancient capital islands, and in Merichas itself – to visit the best taverns and have fun in clubs.

Kythnos beaches

Most beaches of Kythnos seem to be designed for a relaxed recreation. Some of them are covered with pebbles, others – with sand, but all without exception are adorable. The most popular sandy beach Colon. He has a reputation as one of The most beautiful places of Kythnos where the atmosphere of romance is felt. On the coast has all the infrastructure: sun beds, kiosks and taverns.

Kythnos: beaches and sights of the Cycladic islandphoto:

Apokrusi beach is suitable for a relaxing recreation. Its sandy coast is surrounded by trees; taverns You can prefer the next bay Bishop’s This small beach is safe. for children and washed by clear waters.

Ayios Dimitrios – spacious sandy beach for lovers of silence and serene nature. Infrastructure it is almost undeveloped here, but everything is in the village of the same name necessary.

In the town of Loutra, known for healing Sources, there is a popular beach. Its peculiarity is that thermal waters flow directly into the sea. Therefore, swimming will not only pleasant, but also very useful for the whole body. In loutra You can find numerous shops, cafes and several clubs.

Kythnos: beaches and sights of the Cycladic islandphoto:

Kythnos – the Cycladic pearl, which often remains in the shadow larger neighbors. But it turns out that the island is quite self-sufficient: he is able to satisfy the wishes of inquisitive tourists, lovers of Greek beaches and those who want to improve their health with the help of healing sources.

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