Kriopigi – a popular resort on Kassandra


Посёлок Криопиги — один из самых посещаемыхresorts on the peninsula of Chalkidiki, on its first “finger” Cassandra It is located 90 km from Thessaloniki on the east side. the peninsula.

The word “Kriopigi” can be translated as “cold spring”. It directly related to the sources of cool water that can be found above the resort. However, this name Kriopigi wears not for long. Until the twentieth century, it was called Pazarakia – “bazaarchy”.

It has been established: people inhabited this area since ancient times. AND modern Kriopigi stands exactly on the site of the ancient settlement. At one time it was surrounded by the ancient Greek cities of Neapoli and Phlegra. The latter is associated with myths: the so-called plain, which took place battle of the titans and gods. Over time the whole peninsula Cassandra also bore the name “Flogra”.

In the history of Greece Kriopigi played an important role. Locals did a lot for the liberation of the Greek people from the Ottoman dominion, participated in the revolution of 1821. Let the struggle then did not lead to anything, at the beginning of the XX century. greek macedonia yet got freedom.

Now Kriopigi – a developed resort, beloved by tourists and themselves by the Greeks. If you climb above the village, you can enjoy the panoramas Toroneos gulf. In Kriopigi the high bank is covered with rich conifers. groves, and trees approach almost to the water’s edge. Separately worth say about the healing air of Kriopigi, filled with the scent of pines. To get real pleasure from the rest at this resort, worth a walk along the winding road from the highway to the beach.

By the way, the beaches in Kriopigi are not too wide, but well-maintained the coast and the clear sea compensate for this little “flaw”. No wonder local beaches twice received the Blue Flag. In Kriopigi there is camping opportunities. Therefore, supporters of this type of recreation – frequent guests at this resort.

beaches in Kriopigi Chalkidiki

The highway divides the Kriopigi into two parts. A little higher is old part of the village – there you can walk and look at the houses with typical for Greece tiled roofs. And at the same time and admire views of the bay. There is no need to worry about leisure in Kriopigi. Here there are numerous taverns and shops. Can buy souvenirs (wine, honey from local farmers) and get closer to Greek cuisine. Live music is played in some bars, but in Kriopigi no vibrant nightlife. For parties will have to go to the next Kallithea.

Recently, Kriopigi increasingly in demand among Russians. From here it is convenient to make both independent and group excursions in Halkidiki and the entire mainland. For example, to Thessaloniki or Meteora. In the direction of the Greek capital of the North can go from the bus stop on the main highway. From here transport moves to Pefkohori and Hanioti. Nearest villages – Kallithea and Polihrono are only 5 km from Kriopigi.

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