It became known where the Greeks prefer to relax on Easter


Кикладские острова Сирос и Миконос, а также тихий остров Кефираbecame one of the main directions that the Greeks chose to spending Easter holidays. Such data has been published. travel agencies, online booking systems and hoteliers.

To travel by ferry, the Greeks prefer Syros, Mykonos, Tinos, Zakynthos, Skiathos and the island of Aegina. Average ticket price for holiday dates amounted to 35 euros. Those who like it more travel by air, prefer Santorini, Rhodes, Cretan city of Chania, Alexandroupolis and Kosa. Traditionally Island remains a popular destination for Easter weekend Corfu and the Ionian Islands in general.

Growing demand of the Greek population for holidays in their home country amounted to 10% compared with a year earlier. Since Easter fell on quite late dates, most hotels have already opened to combine the reception of the Greek guests with the beginning of the tourist of the season. And in the hope of getting around competitors, hoteliers offered great discounts.

On average, hotel occupancy in leading destinations increase 5 times and amounted to 70%. Fewer bookings are noted in Central Macedonia and Chalkidiki. Occupancy rate will be 65%, which is 10% less than a year earlier.

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