Islands of Drenia – the unspoilt nature of the peninsula Athos

Dreniiiliostrov Magare (Gayduronisiya), as their called by the locals, are a group of 6 islands small size near the island of Ammouliani and the mainland resort Ouranopolis in Greece.

15.01.2018Islands of Drenia 2Islands of Drenia 2

Красота, спокойствие, нетронутая природа, прекрасные мелководьяin all shades of blue and turquoise, began to attract visitors to these places. Every year there are more and more of them.

The six islands that make Drenia are two islands and four cliffs towering above Morem. Of course, the rocks are not particularly attractive for those who looking for beaches, but they are home to many bird species, who build their nests right on the edge of the rocky shore.

Other small islands form a lagoon with very shallow water. for swimming, and therefore they can only be reached by boat or small boat.

The main and largest island is Drenia. It consists of two wooded hills surrounded by sea cliffs on three sides, and on the side of the lagoon there is a very beautiful sandy the beach. It is also the main beach of Drenia and the one visited tourists during day trips from Ouranopolis. On the beach there are bars, taverns with fresh seafood, sun loungers and umbrellas for visitors.

Next island in the group called Penna. It is slightly smaller by size than Dreniya.

Penna consists of two sandy beaches: a large beach overlooks lagoon, and the other – on Ouranopolis.

The rest of the islands are feta, Tiger, Pontik and Artemis.

How to get to Drenia Island

If you traveled from Uranupolis, then there are daily excursions. Atere directly to the beach Drenia. Sending from Ouranopolis to 10:00, then every hour until 18:00. There are also organized trips from Ammouliani Island, and if you like, you can also rent a boat you don’t need for yourself special permission.

Renting a boat from Ouranopolis or Ammouliani costs around 50 euros per day plus fuel.

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