Ioannina will expand its presence on the tourist the market


Вместо вашей обычной пресс-конференции и утомительныхnegotiations, the Greek authorities of the Ioannina chose another format demonstration of tourist offers. Last week An interactive presentation of the city’s new advertising campaign was held on Northern Greece under the name “Ioannina Old. New. You “.

According to the plans of the local tourism organization, in the following 4 years (until 2019) will be implemented consistent program. It will focus on promoting the brand “Ioannina” and active interaction with potential tourists through social networks and website

The long-term strategy aims to ensure that Ioannina entered new markets. During the presentation was particularly underlined the importance of the tourist markets of the Balkan countries, Russia, Israel, Cyprus, as well as India, China and Japan. Municipality does rate on ecotourism, tours for pensioners, gastronomic travel, culture, education, business tourism and leisure Luxury class.

The authorities of Janina attracted to participate in the project Association of hoteliers region, the Greek National Tourism Organization and local tourism professionals. The mayor of Janina stressed that for the first time the city adheres to a well-developed plan to attract tourists.

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