Interesting features of Thai cuisine

Thais have borrowed for their national cuisine recipes of many peoples and countries. However, by accepting them in their daily use, they brought to these dishes so much of their own and interesting national color that is truly authentic Thai the kitchen can be tasted only in Thailand. This country lies in several climatic zones and washed by tropical seas, fauna which is radically different from the eastern and western coasts.

Therefore, Thai housewives have the opportunity to enjoy very a wide range of products in which there are several varieties of fish, various seafood, meat, exotic fruits. All this splendor they season with dozens of different spices. A special feature of Thai cuisine is that one dish can combine several flavors and aromas. Thai dishes can be both sweet and salty, sour, but they are always very sharp.

There are no strict canons for cooking in this country. The one who cooks food, independently determines how ready the product is, what spices to add to the dish, how to serve the table and when serve dishes on the table.

Thai rice

As in all countries of Southeast Asia, rice in Thailand is the main basis of all dishes. They even there is a custom that any meal begins with a spoon of rice (than Thais eat?). This is a quite prosaic explanation – rice. helps to avoid burns of the palate with pepper and other burning spices, which in every Thai dish very much. Most Thais love two kinds of rice: sticky round and jasmine In addition to rice, essential ingredients. Thai food is chili-based sauce, and coconut milk.

Thai rice

Tom Yam and Pad Capao

Popular Thai dishes are soup. Tom Yam, Pad Kapao (a dish favored by Russian tourists in Thailand, as it is similar in taste and ingredients to the native) and other dishes. As for the soup Tom Yam, then his taste prevails sour, it is very pungent and fragrant. In every restaurant Tom Yam they cook in their own way, often the taste of this dish is very varies.

Soup Tom Yam

Fish sauce

Separately, I would like to say about the Thai fish sauce. Prepare it from small fish with lemon juice. Lemon juice is a preservative and sauce is prepared for weeks by ripening. All the bones and heads for this time dissolve, it turns out a homogeneous mass with a fishy taste. Highly salty and nutritious. Thais love it, but joke that “fish sauce without a worm does not happen. ”

Fish Sauce in Thailand


In Southeast Asia, there is no ban on eating insects, so Thais are happy eat wood larvae, ants, grasshoppers, scorpions. Often these unusual dishes are cooked so that it is impossible to suspect insects in their composition. Therefore always be interested in – what is it?

Insects in Thailand

Thais are very happy guests, in any restaurant or cafe you will the center of their attention. You can try Thai dishes even in those catering points that are considered “Russian” or “Ukrainian”.

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