Interesting facts about Crete

Sunny weather, many attractions, developed tourist infrastructure, clean beaches, diverse nature, tasty and healthy Mediterranean cuisine – no wonder Crete is probably the best place to relax.


Но знаете ли вы, что?

1. Most Cretans have weapons.

According to statistics on Crete, one person has more gun barrels than in the whole of European Union. More than 620,000 the island’s residents have pistols, rifles and rifle. However, Crete still remains one of The safest places in the world.

Local residents shoot weapons during celebrations such as like weddings, baptisms, new year. Shooting is part of centuries of traditions.

2. Snow in Crete – Lefka Ori or the White Mountains

Yes, in Crete there is snow 4-5 m deep, though at the highest mountain areas. The range of Lefka Ori or the White Mountains are covered snow until late spring, and in summer the sun reflecting on limestone, makes their color white. The highest peak is Pahnes (2,453 m), and more than 30 mountains have a height of about 2000 meters above sea ​​level. In Lefka-Ori there are about 50 gorges, of which the most Samaria is famous.

An interesting fact is that these mountains can even be seen from the island. Naxos, which is located 230 km from Crete.

3. Crete has the oldest history in Europe

Excavations in the Palace of Knossos, which is not far from Heraklion showed that the first settlements on Crete belong to 7 millennium BC. The island was home to the ancients and powerful Minoans who lived on the island from 2700 until ad.

Minoans were the first civilization who were engaged livestock. Money, trade, city life and fleet were already in Crete, while the rest of Europe was still living in stone age.

4. Zeus, father of the Greek gods, was born in Crete.

As legend has it, goddess Rhea gave birth and hid the mother of Zeus baby of Zeus in a cave in the Diktirian mountains to save him from Father Kronos, who wanted to eat him. Even today there is doubts about whether Zeus was raised by mythical nymphs or wild animals.

5. The actions of the myth of Icarus took place in Crete.

As the myth says, the son of Daedalus – Icarus, dreamed of conquering the sky, therefore he made wings and flew until he approached the sun so much that the hot sunshine did not melt the wax of his wings. Icarus fell into the sea and died. His body was nailed to the shores of the island, which today is called Ikaria, named after the mythical a hero.

6. Thanks to Hercules there are no dangerous animals in Crete.

According to legend, out of respect for Zeus and the place where he of birth, Hercules destroyed all the dangerous animals that were found in Crete.

7. Minotaur is a mythical monster who lived and died in Crete.

The monster of the semi-forebear and the half-man, who ate from the Greek youths and girls lived in a maze under the Palace of Knossos. In the XX century archaeologists have discovered the remains of this palace with numerous ancient treasures, including those that shed light on some details of the myth of the Minotaur.

8. Many famous personalities were born in Crete.

Famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, known as Rachel from the series “Friends” has Cretan roots. Her father, too famous actor, born and lived in Crete, but moved to the United States

El Greco, the famous Greek artist who later moved in Spain, also born in Crete. Singer Nana Muskuri and writer Nikos Kazantzakiz (“Grek Zorba”).

9. Crete has healing powers.

And this is a fact. At one time, Hippocrates said that the air was the island works wonders and cures the sick. Listen to According to him, because Hippocrates is the father of medicine!

10. Olives in Crete are the oldest in Greece

Studies show that olive trees on the island have begun grow from 2000 to 5000 years ago. And Cretan Olive Oil is one of the best in all of Greece.

11. The Cretan Sea is the most transparent

The sea on Crete is so transparent that in some places you can see the seabed at a depth of 40 meters.

12. Crete has two climates

Temperate Mediterranean dominates most of the island. Climate. In the south of the island it changes to North African: more palm trees grow here, and the soil is more fertile than in other parts of Crete.

13. The most southern point of Europe

Gavdos – a small island on the south coast of Crete is the southernmost point of Europe.

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