“Inside the ancient workshop”: a new exhibition in Athens

How to cut out traditional Cycladic figurines? What tools used ancient jewelers to create gold jewelry? And How Did they paint the vases? An unusual exhibition will answer all these questions. Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens. The idea will appeal to those who likes not only to admire finished products, but also to watch creation process.


Exhibition “Inside the ancient workshop” combines a demonstration original artifacts and production process. Within 20 days experienced painters and artisans in collaboration with archaeologists will acquaint visitors with the ancient methods creating sculptures.

Using only traditional tools (anvils, chisels), They will work on creating exact copies of museum exhibits. And visitors will not only see the whole process, but also be able to talk. with the masters. This format of the exhibition, as suggested by the organizers, able to equally interest both adults and children. Exposure divided into three sections: metalworking, the creation of marble sculptures and pottery art.

The workshops will work on the following days:

  • Marble: February 11-12 and February 13-15
  • Ceramics: February 18-19 and February 20-22
  • Metal: February 25-26 and February 27-29

The exhibition is open every day except Tuesday. Login – 3,5 Euro.

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