In Thessaloniki will host the first exhibition of olive oils


Первая выставка деликатесов и оливкового маслаwill be one of the main gastronomic events of Thessaloniki. She is will be held May 20-22 from 11:00 to 20:00 in the cultural center LABattoir and will be dedicated to olive oil, products on its basis and cosmetics with the addition of “liquid gold.”

The exhibition will be the best Greek and foreign manufacturers. The event will be open to the general public – interest in it is shown by both ordinary consumers and companies from Sweden, Romania, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Norway and other countries.

The program includes tastings of extra virgin olive oil, olives, delicacies and spices. The exhibition will open a bar in which will offer to taste olives of different varieties and oil from almost all regions of Greece. Scheduled short presentations on numerous how to use olive oil and its meaning for health, culinary shows. The emphasis will be on the Greek diet. as part of a Mediterranean diet, and chefs will prepare dishes with using exclusively products presented on exhibition.

Ticket price – 5 euros with access to all events of the exhibition. It is also possible to buy a 3-day ticket for 12 euros. In the days of the exhibition they can be bought right at the entrance.

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