In the footsteps of Zeus: on mountain Crete Marathon “Psiloritis”

The international mountain marathon “Psiloritis” – a unique event in the sporting life of the Greek island of Crete.


In the footsteps of Zeus: a mountain marathon will take place in Creteis he invites participants to test themselves in exciting competitions and do it on the most beautiful mountain range of the island – Psiloritis. Or, as one of the slogans says events, “follow in the footsteps of Zeus”, because it is on this woe is believed to have grown a supreme god.

Competitions will be held on May 29th. There are distances 35 km and 8.5 km. Start of the race is scheduled in the Nida plateau, located 35 km from the city of Rethymnon. In the marathon more than 250 athletes from Greece and other countries. The race for 35 km will start at 7:30, at 8.5 km – at 9:00, Children’s marathon at 2 km – at 9:15.

And the day before the start, May 28, side events will be held. On Mikrasyaton Square and in the House of Culture of Rethymnon will be held excursions and instruction for athletes, gastronomic parties and an evening of traditional Cretan dances.

Apply for participation in the Psiloritis marathon, get acquainted with the route and find the answer to any question of interest can be All participants can get assistance in organizing a holiday in Rethymno, and not only in the days sports competitions.

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