In the 2015 holiday season, the Greeks chose Chalkidiki


Хотя в последнее время греки экономят на отдыхе, в рамках своейcountries they found the perfect direction. Popular search site Trivago hotels has published statistics on search queries and preferences of the inhabitants of Greece. It was built on the basis of data on mid August.

It turned out that in the last month of summer the leader in booking became the peninsula of Halkidiki. It was here that the Greeks spent their holidays and widely celebrated the feast of the Assumption. Next comes the island of Thassos, famous for its calm atmosphere and excellent ecology. Top three closes one of the largest Ionian Islands – Lefkada.

Aegina and eternal classics – Santorini are in the top five favorites. Interestingly, in 2014 the most popular destination for Greeks was the city of Parga. A year later, he dropped to 10 a place.

In the top ten were also the islands of Andros and Milos. Our tourists, these areas are not yet familiar. But to preferences local definitely worth a heed.

Beloved by Russian tourists Crete Greeks themselves bypassed attention. According to statistics, Chania resorts are based on Search occupy only 18 place. Rhodes is also not spoiled by love. local this year. The island did not even hit the top 20.

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