In June, the maritime message starts Thessaloniki Sporades


Греческая паромная компания Hellenic Seaways объявила вWednesday to launch a new route that connects Thessaloniki with Sporades Islands. Its launch is scheduled for June 16th. According to message, the new route will be performed on the high-speed catamaran Flying Cat 4. It can carry up to 440 passengers and will allow you to reach your destination in less than 3 hours

The catamaran will depart from Thessaloniki daily at 9:00. is he delivers passengers to the islands of Skopelos, Alonissos and Skiathos. AT the return trip will be sent every evening at 19:10 Skiathos Islands with stops on Alonissos and Skopelos. It is planned that he will arrive in Thessaloniki at 22:45.

Last time on this route, speed catamarans went more than 2 years ago. Hellenic Seaways Senior Vice President voiced the hope that this way of travel will be as popular as Greeks and tourists. It will allow you to plan how long rest on the islands of Sporades as well as short weekend getaway with quick access to Thessaloniki. And this is a significant step in moving the Sporades islands as tourist destinations. The route will be valid only in during the summer season (until September 25).

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