In Greece they are filming “Christ is crucified again “


Через 60 лет после выхода фильма Жюля Дассена “Тот, кто долженdie “, based on the work of Nikos Kazantzakis “Christ is crucified again,” one of the most famous the writer’s creations will return to the cinema screens again. On this time the famous director Todoris Papadoulakis intends to create its screen version. Filming will take place with the mediation of the authorities Crete. The agreement between the municipality and the director the other day documented and sealed in the presence of the press.

The meeting was attended not only by representatives municipality but also the heir to the copyright and publisher Niki Stavrou, as well as representatives of the N. Kazantzakis Museum. By recognition of Papadoulakis, “in Greece there is no director who did not have would be dreams to film Kazantzakis. ”

Filming will take place mainly in Crete, and in writing the script will be attended by Niki Stavrou. She stated that the work “Christ is crucified again” does not lose its relevance in conditions of new realities, and on Todoris Papadulakis lies a difficult the task is to tell your vision of one of the masterpieces of the Greek and world literature. The original will be transformed, and in the new film to reflect the important social problems of our time.

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