In Greece, the August full moon will mark cultural events


Августовское полнолуние в Греции отмечается с особымscale, and 2016 will not be an exception.

The Ministry of Culture presented a series of events planned on the second half of the month. This year they will all be held August 17-21 and will cover a wide range of areas: from recitation poems and exhibitions to film screenings. And on August 18, the ancients monuments will be open to free admission – this is an annual tradition.

Tourists will have a rare opportunity to visit. Free Acropolis, Cape Sounion, New Acropolis Museum, The National Archaeological Museum in Athens, the fortress of Mystra and many other ancient monuments throughout Greece. A full moon allows you to see familiar sights in the new light

A short list of events for August 18 is as follows:

  • Samothraki, the sanctuary of the great gods (20: 00-24: 00) – performance of music by Nikos Skalkotas in the light of the full the moon;
  • Ancient Stagira – in honor of the 2400th anniversary of the day the birth of Aristotle will sound the music of Mikos Theodorakis and Manos Hadzidakis. Archaeological excavations will be open for free with 8:00 to 24:00;
  • Delphi – temporary exhibition at the entrance to archaeological zone, recitation of poems from 20:00.

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