In Greece, found intact treasures of the tomb warrior


3500 лет пролежали в воинской гробнице и остались нетронутымиtreasures of the bronze age. Archaeologists have found more than 1,400 objects, including jewelry, weapons, silver, bronze and golden vessels. The burial is in Pylos (Peloponnese) and belongs to a rich Mycenaean warrior.

Unlike previously discovered ancient tombs, the tomb of Pylos was not looted. Well preserved rings from precious metals, silver cup with a gold rim, gold pendants, pieces of ivory and beads. Archaeologists were surprised by the fact that none of the vessels detected is ceramic. By the warrior was apparently so rich that pottery for him and the inner circle had no value.

The grave is located next to the famous palace of Nestor, which was discovered in 1939. However, according to scientists, burial is in no way connected with the king of Pylos. However, not related to Father Nestor – Neleem.

Archaeologists admit that burial existed 300 years before Nestor’s rule, and this is the importance of the find. Probably, the person buried here lived in times of close contact this parts of Greece with Crete – the most developed civilization of Europe. He could to be a warrior at the court of the king or even a rich merchant who influenced the later flourishing Mycenaean culture.

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