In Athens, preparing for the Festival of Beauty


Трёхдневный Фестиваль красоты начнётся в Афинах 10 октября.Events will be held at the Peristeri Exhibition Center. This event – opportunity to first learn about the most innovative cosmetic products and get acquainted with the activities of companies. But the main – try on yourself cosmetic procedures and get a makeup lesson from professionals.

During the festival, the exhibition center will be divided into 3 zones:

  • “Beauty and Cosmetics” – here visitors will offer massage, peeling and eyelash extensions. On exhibition stands will be presented funds for tanning, new items for body and hair care. Including can be purchased cosmetics, which is used by professionals.
  • “Manicure” – professionals in this sector will make any manicure, extension or decoration of nails to all wishing. You can undergo a procedure to strengthen thin nails and buy everything you need for an independent manicure or pedicure.
  • “Barber” – this zone is intended for those who are planning to build hair, make firming masks and coloring or drastically change the hairstyle. In the sector accommodate companies whose consultants will tell guests about fashion trends.

The participants of the festival are not only Greek companies, but also large Beauty industry players from India, USA, Belgium, Ireland.

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