In Athens, begins a big bike weekend


16-17 апреля в Афинах состоится событие, которого сCycling enthusiasts are waiting impatiently. In the Greek capital begins a great bicycle weekend that broke all records a year ago popularity

In 2015, more than 10,000 Athenians and city guests turned Syntagma square to the starting point for the cycling marathon. And so, the year later on it will again be able to rent a bike or get some free lessons. The organizer made Athens Municipal Cultural, Sports and Youth organization.

Side events include presentations of the latest models. (including electronic) bicycles, clothing and accessories for cycling Special attention will be paid to children – for them have prepared special tracks for skiing.

On Sunday, the final race will take place on the 23rd of the bike weekend, the start will be given by the mayor of Athens, Jorgos Kaminis. 11.5 km ride starts at 9:30 from Syntagma Square, at 9:50, the check-in starts at 3 km. The organizers have already calculated that this year the participants will be 15,000 cyclists, and the Athenians will be entertained music band Batala Atenas. Such a festival has become good tradition in 1987, and since then is an integral part cultural life of Athens.

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