If you go to Greece, now!


TO аждый раз, когда речь идет об отпуске, мы решаем, где бы егоconduct. We read a lot of news, which only makes that “delight” us. Every day we observe the “cardiogram” of the courses. currencies and changing price tags in stores. But despite everything world turmoil, vacation sooner or later begin, and spend it in a stuffy city, the prospect is not that funny.

The economic crisis in Greece led to a drop in prices for flights and hotel rooms. True, these prices are expressed in dollars or euros. The ruble fell sharply and continues to fall. The purchasing power of many Russian citizens has dropped, and travel companies are seeing a sharp decline in demand for tours in European direction. Those who in previous years preferred rest in the resorts of Europe, this year more and more often thinks about Turkey, Egypt or southern Russia. But there are a number of reasons why vacation in Greece would be preferable to any other!

Kefalonia - the colorful island of Greece

Low prices, high quality

The financial situation in the country has pushed many owners travel business to reduce prices for services provided. Tour operators, hoteliers, restaurateurs, transport workers – all though somehow trying to attract tourists. And businessmen, reducing prices, do not reduce the quality – otherwise there is a great chance to lose all customers and leave the market of tourist services. This picture is especially bright observed in regions of the country that are not strongly promoted tour operators. For example, you can spend an unforgettable vacation on Ikaria Island, which is located in the north of the Aegean Sea. КBy the way, the islands of the Eastern and Southern Sporades archipelago have long been are the favorite resting place of the Athenian bohemians.

Each has his own greece

We can safely say that Greece is one big resort. Such a sea, as in Greece, you would never find in Russia. Clean beaches for children and adults, depth for divers, wind winds and Kitesurfers, space for yachtsmen and fishermen to catch – every Greek the sea will bring positive and energy boost for the whole year.

Those who love outdoor activities can discover new ones. the possibility of traveling from island to island on the ferry. Yes such vacation can be quite expensive (even with all the discounts and low prices), but in return you will receive invaluable impressions. Each The island is unique, unique and has its own character. Fabulous Santorini, Mykonos Tusovochny, proud Crete, secluded Amorgos and colorful Corfu – believe me, this is hard to forget!

Ikaria Island in Greece 2

And how many stories and traditions the land of Hellas keeps! Every corner this country is imbued with the spirit of the times – and we know about it even with childhood from ancient Greek myths. Lovers of cultural recreation study the list of excursions in the resort where you relax, and Go explore the rich world of Greece!

And I would like to separately note that despite all economic and political turmoil, Greece remains one of The safest countries in Europe.

If there is a possibility – definitely Greece!

Of course, the current difficult situation is increasingly look into your wallet. But agree, if there is a possibility rest well, you need to take advantage of it. And better to do it in Greece!

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