Ierapetra: what to do in the southernmost city Crete and its surroundings

According to geographical data, Ierapetra is the southernmost cities of not only Crete, but the whole of Europe. Splashes off its coast Libyan Sea, and Africa is visible on the horizon.


Иерапетра известен мягким климатом: большую часть года здесьit’s sunny and tourists like this paradise too historical sites. What to do in Ierapetra during the Cretan holidays?

How to get there

The easiest way to get to Ierapetra is by bus from Agios Nikolaos and Heraklion, there is a daily message with Sitia. Heraklion Airport – one of the intermediate stops where you can catch a bus. And about the time of the following will be recognized at the box office or from the announcement on the post. Ierapetra tickets are bought from cashiers or directly on the bus. AT An approximate timetable can be found on the Internet if you score KTEL and city ​​names in a search engine. Tourists who rent a car, lucky: the route will lie through Lassithi, so along the way the window offers wonderful views of this area.

What to see

From Ierapetra it is convenient to get to Gurnia – this is an ancient city that allows you to restore the lifestyle of the Minoans. From the buildings there are walls, stairs and lanes, but the value historical finds discovered in Gurnia are invaluable for the entire Europe. In Ierapetra, you should visit the Museum of Archeology, where not only the Minoan artifacts of Gurnia, but also the Roman heritage. AT collections – sculptures, vases, figurines, sarcophagus.

Not far from the city is the Ha valley – one of the most beautiful and wildest on Crete. But it’s better to go with at least minimal experience: it is considered impassable. Around the middle you can see a few waterfalls and lakes, and throughout the route there will be rare flowers and, if lucky, animals. Ha valued for being a civilization He did not touch – the beauty of the gorge conquers instantly.

Ierapetra: what to do in the southernmost city of Crete and its surroundings

Another natural attraction is the forest. Selakano, filled with pitsunda pines. Here produce high-quality honey, and the healing air of these places is not less is valuable. Even travelers who have seen a lot fall under the charm of bubbling springs, green hills and majestic gorges. In Selakano hawks and eagles live, and the ecosystem of this forest considered a priority for eco-programs.

In Ierapetra, there is one of the most vivid evidences of the turbulent and difficult the fortunes of Crete – Cales fortress. Built it pirates, destroyed an earthquake, restored the Venetians, and seized – the Turks and Arabs. Today there are guided tours along the fortress. Although Cales has a very simple structure, unadorned and chic architecture, the very fact of the good preservation of the building is fascinating and attracts tourists.

The southern part of Ierapetra is occupied by the Old Town – It differs markedly from modern buildings. Here tourists can wander through the narrow streets and look at old houses. Besides Fortress Cales, the Old Town is the church of St. George and Byzantine religious monuments, Turkish mosque and House Napoleon – in it the emperor spent the whole night, but was fascinated by Ierapetra.

Where to stay

On the southern coast of the island of hotels is noticeably less than in other resort areas of Crete. But in Ierapetra there is plenty to choose from. From 5 * hotels can recommend Ostria Beach at 7 km from the city. For adults it offers sports entertainment. While for children there is a mini club, swimming pool and playground. On the beach – pebbles and sand. To live directly next to Ierapetra, It is worth choosing Tylissos Beach. This 4 * hotel and The city is separated by a few minutes walk along the promenade. If you are interested in an economical hotel, you can look at Astron (in very center, but by the sea) or Esperides, from which drive 14 km to Ierapetra.

How to relax

Ierapetra is a universal city. Despite small size, it is very lively: it spends holidays here young people, young couples come as well as families who are interested rest in large comfortable hotels. If you want to enjoy vacation on the coast, but at the same time get out on trips, Ierapetra will be a suitable option.

In July and August, vacationers get to the very epicenter of the Kirvii – festival with a rich cultural the program. Ierapetra guests can attend concerts, performances, bazaars with folk crafts and listen to national music Greece Of course, as befits a traditional Cretan holiday, there are a lot of raki, wine and snacks.

The climate of Ierapetra allows you to dive round here year. In the vicinity of the city there are several dive centers in which instructors introduce newbies to the basics of diving, and experienced divers show the best places.

Leave will not be complete without shopping, with which everything in Ierapetra okay Psilinaki Street comes to life on Saturdays where farmers sell fruits, herbs, cheeses, homemade wine and honey. In the region, as elsewhere in Crete, pride themselves on the environmentally friendly products. Wishing bring mementoes from Ierapetra, you can look at ceramics, oliveware and daggers – here they are presented in in different price categories, some are real masterpieces.

Where to sunbathe

The beaches of Ierapetra are known for collecting all possible rewards from reputable organizations. Region really proud of clean water, although a huge number of beaches can not boast. 8 km from Ierapetra there is a small Farm bay with turquoise sea. Like it here those who want to retire, but at the same time have easy access to taverns and shops. Another cleanest beach – Ayia Fotia, where there is clean water and sand. But Ierapetra’s main gem is the nearest island Chrissi. The water here is clean and clear, and fine sand reminiscent of tropical islands. While in Crete, the season lasts Ierapetra ferries ply to Chrissi. Island guests have 5-6 hours to admire the untouched nature and swim. By the way on Chrissi remains of an ancient settlement. Sometime here engaged in the production of natural dyes from seashells. Their delivered to Crete, and Chrissi flourished at the expense of profits. No less surprising is the presence on the island of a huge number of plants and cedar forest – for this region is a rare phenomenon.

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