How to save up to 130 euros on holiday in Greece?


Компания “Туртранс-Вояж” начинает продажи туровto Greece for the summer season of 2014 under the program “Discounts for a large Greek summer. ”

What could be better than a summer vacation in Greece? In company “Turtrans-Voyage” believe that nothing can be better – only summer, sea, sun and greece!

Nothing compares to holidays in Greece: beautiful landscapes, southern sun, beautiful sea, great beaches, friendly People, tasty and healthy cuisine. And about the huge historical heritage Greece is not even worth talking about.

You just need to be in Greece, to see it all and to the maximum “live” your vacation! At home, memories will be long bring you back to the beautiful lands of Hellas.

Buying a tour to Greece in the company “Turtrans-Voyage”, you get 50 euro discount.

But you can save even more. So, using the action “Euro Rate, STOP”, you will purchase an additional 50 euro discount. And if you are permanent the client of the company, the price of the tour will decrease by another 50 euros.

Total, buying a tour to Greece in the company “Turtrans-Voyage”, you can save up to 130 euros! *

All the details of the action find out in the offices of the company at: Moscow, Pevchesky lane house 4, building 1, 2 floor or Telephone: 8 (800) 200 7733.

* Promotion is valid only for new bookings.

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