How to safely and comfortably relax in Greece with by children

If you are on this page, it means you already have a lot. it is known about Greece, its merits as a country for a family holiday, tourism in general, and you have already decided where to spend your vacation. Stories about sights and stories of this beautiful and kind people leave guides and guide-interpreters.


Сейчас важнее другое: вы собрались на отдых с детьми, поэтомуcareful preparation, including information, you do not will prevent, on the contrary, will warn possible problems and will provide comfortable, and most importantly, safe rest for your whole family. Especially that there are enough problems in everyday life, the holiday should leave only pleasant memories that give inspiration and smiles when looking at photos and souvenirs from paradise.

Get to the point. This material is created for you, dear readers, with to inform, prevent, help, prevent, thereby guaranteeing you peace and comfort while traveling and entertainment.


The main mistake of most parents is that they do not take into account the importance of the duration of the tour to Greece. For example, a week is very little for a quality holiday for children. Why? There are many reasons, but the main ones are:

  • Children get used to a new climate much longer than adults. people, that is, quite a lot of time is spent on adaptation, and hence, rest at this time can not be full. Even purchase a tour of the area with the most similar to the usual child climate is still worth considering the time to rest after flight. Such travel is not only tedious for little tourists, but also can cause stress;
  • Many do not take into account the deadlines, because they firmly believe that the south everywhere the same. No no and one more time no. Even famous high temperatures Africa in one part is a true hell in another paradise, where at a temperature of +45 you can feel comfortable – the air is so dry (low humidity) that the heat is not felt so badly. And comparing the Crimea and Greece is not at all have to.

By the way, Greece has a particularly changeable climate in depending on the territory, that is, before flying, it costs more learn about the climate of specific regions and choose the right one for you and your child. In any case, you can not be long in the sun any part of Greece, because the sun is very aggressive here, and burn or get sunstroke here is not difficult. Want to spoil your vacation? An hour or two under the scorching sun and you goals!

How to safely and comfortably relax in Greece with children

First aid kit

You must understand that this is a different country and even in pharmacies if you have the medicines you need, then acquiring them can be a problem. For example, the same language barrier can significantly complicate the task. Suppose you are lucky and the pharmacist knows Russian or English, which is quite possible. But even then the name of the drug can be a stumbling block, or rather cause intractable situation. The best way out will be your own first aid kit in your baggage. Standard kit should include antispasmodic, analgesic, antipyretic, drugs used in case of poisoning and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, drugs that the child accepts constantly, if any, etc. If you still forgot / lost / did not take the first-aid kit, you can tell the pharmacist the name The main active ingredient of the drug in Latin is universal language for physicians around the world. If you do not know Google you to help, it is only necessary to find the annotation of the drug, or even a photo its packaging – most often it contains the desired element of the composition. Be sure to clarify that this is for the child to be given medicine. in the required concentration.


This must be taken care of without fail, otherwise you risk to remain without medical care. In addition, you need to be on communication with the insurance company or with the guide if it provides enjoy your holiday in Greece so that in case of problems you have opportunity to contact and resolve the situation positively. Again – direct contacts should be required, especially when it comes to child health.

How to safely and comfortably relax in Greece with children


Preference should be given to hotels and family complexes. type Do not forget that the needs of children are significantly different from adult needs. And these hotels are able to turn vacation with children in a fairy tale. Playgrounds, special pools, bathing in which is safe for kids, animators, entertaining programs – fun for children, and you calm. In addition, family hotels often provide babysitters services that allow you to spend time yourself, not worrying about the child – his leisure will take professionals. However, parents who travel with quite young children often worry about the issue of comfort in terms of sound isolation. Kids are capricious, sometimes crying very loudly, which can lead to conflict with neighbors in the hotel. In such cases, young parents are offered to settle in special bungalows that stand apart from each other, so there is a risk of inconvenience neighbors minimized. The obvious advantage is the bungalow and adjacent territory. As a rule, these are green lawns, entertainment complexes, etc. – the child will hold a maximum time in nature.


You can not drink, you can swim:

  1. Drinking water is better to buy in large bottles, from the tap no no.
  2. The beaches are very clean everywhere, the water too – is strictly adhered to. sanitary standards.

Basic rules for those who want to relax on the beach and swim safely

Pay attention to special flags that change to beaches depending on weather conditions. If you see white or green moisture, feel free to step into the water: a storm is not expected, the sea calmly The yellow flag warns you about the excitement on the water, that is adults can swim near the shore, but children in the water already nothing to do – it is dangerous. At the sight of the red flag you can safely turn around and leave is a prohibitive sign, even if you yourself do not save yourself, then rescuers will not let you into the water.

Shops and pharmacies

If you are relaxing with children, you should consider the time of work. stores, because where an adult was late and only a little grieved, the child just throw a tantrum, however, to work Store his tears will not have an impact. Pharmacies (look for Pharmakeio, Farmakio), as well as shops, operate strictly scheduled graphics – this should be known, especially since immediately remember it is very difficult. Below is a detailed table. which will help you to find your way around the local orders.

How to safely and comfortably relax in Greece with children

We recommend you save this image and print it. before traveling to rest. Of course, the locals willingly they will tell you the time of work, but where is the guarantee that you will understand them? Russian detailed table in your pocket – this is your trump card on unfamiliar territory.

How to safely and comfortably relax in Greece with children

Periptero (Περίπτερο)

So called very popular kiosks in Greece, which combine the basic needs of customers. Here you can buy a bottle of mineral water or sweet children, and in the case need find the most consumed medicines. If the drug you need is not one of them; look for red or A green cross on a white background is a pharmacy icon. However, for cigarettes also need to follow to Periptero – this is a universal the outlet, as a rule, is longer than usual the shops.

How to safely and comfortably relax in Greece with children

Remember the main thing – the health and wonderful rest of your children in your own hands. Using the above information wisely, you will not only please the children, but also save yourself from unnecessary unrest. Enjoy your holiday and bright, colorful impressions!


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