How to move to live on permanent residence in Israel – my experience repatriation

I did not think to write anything about the process of emigration (repatriation), but a few people asked questions, so I just can’t write a post and do not answer in detail your questions. At the same time I’ll tell you how it happened with my ex-wife, starting from consular checks, ending with the flight itself.

In general, it turned out to be completely unexpected for me that among my subscribers it turned out so many people who are deliberating get Israeli citizenship or already receive. Think again is it to you.

The content of the article

  • 1 Information part
    • 1.1 Requirements for applicants for a consular check
    • 1.2 How we prepared for the move
    • 1.3 Buns when moving
    • 1.4 Some nuances
  • 2 Artistic part or how we got there

Information part

Requirements for applicants for a consular check

To repatriate to Israel (repatriation is correct, not emigration) may be the grandson of a Jew. And no matter who was a Jew, grandfather or grandmother, mom or dad. The first, second and third generation can go without restrictions, that is, it does not matter for the parent lines whether Jewry was transmitted or not. You need to be at least grandson of a Jew or have a great-grandmother a Jew, which makes automatically and grandfather jew.

A family with a child who is already the fourth generation can also go, and at the same time the spouses receive citizenship at the airport arriving in Israel, and the child receives only a visa alef 5. This imposes some restrictions, but not critical, and the child is already in a few years can also get citizenship. That is, if suddenly you from the airport decide to fly back to Russia, then you fly away with citizenship, but the child will not receive it.

In a family, it is enough for one spouse to have roots, the second will receive citizenship machine also at the airport. Me also they asked what would happen if they married or married a Jew. If a this person already has Israeli citizenship, then the spouse will automatically does not receive citizenship, but receives a long-term visa. If Israeli citizenship was not, and there is a joint repatriation, then get both citizenship. The only thing they can in the consulate more hard to check if the marriage happened just recently.

There is also some tricky way to move through the acquisition Jews by their faith, not through the roots, but here I can not say it was not necessary.

It turned out that one of the burning questions is an indication religion in the questionnaire. The fact is that when you come to Moscow first time at the consulate, then fill out a long form, where in that including indicate their religion. And everywhere on the forums advise not to indicate anything except that you are a non-believer, or on the contrary, you practice Judaism. Accordingly, if you write, for example, “christians”, the type will be a failure.

On the other hand, here below in the comments are people who unsubscribed wrote that they are Christians, because in theory the Jews by dad / grandfather can confess anything, in contrast to the Jews by mom / grandmother, who cannot change faith. In general, they were given the go-ahead for repatriation no questions. Hence the conclusion, whether it makes no difference in fact, that write, or it all depends on the human factor (consul). Us same did not have to lie or indicate Christianity, since we half agnostic, half atheist.

One of the highlights is the originals love the consulate. birth certificates. If you show the recovered duplicates, especially fresh ones, there may be additional questions

How we prepared for the move

As I wrote in the post, why we moved to Israel, we have preparation of all documents took about one and a half years. It could be would make everything faster, but since we were leaving for Tai in the winter, and in another time was traveling, all this action was delayed. Total we visited the consul 5 times while we were put in the passport of the visa on Permanent residence

In our case, the problem was that we had slightly crooked documents. You know, during the Great Patriotic War Jewry was hidden, so the ex-wife’s grandmother’s birth certificates were It is indicated that her mother (that is, great-grandmother) is Russian. Yeah, Dwejra Izrailevna and Russian. But no one looked at the full name and had to request birth data and grandmother’s parents from the archive. Thats have we dug up to the 4th knee to prove that the roots are on the third the knee is not interrupted. In this case, all complicated by the fact that grandmother Born in Belarus, lived in Russia, and died in Estonia. Wherein grandmother’s parents lived in St. Petersburg, and not in Moscow. In this way, archives were Belarusian and Estonian, and the Jewish cemetery great-grandmother in St. Petersburg, where he also had to go.

The consulate itself did not help in this regard, only said, and let’s bring more documents where you want, there and take it. Moreover, when we came for the first time, they said that everything obviously, but since the docks are curves, then you need 3 more documents, confirming the roots. And when we brought them, they wanted more a couple. By the way, Drying does not help with documents either.

Here it is necessary to tell separately about the human factor. When we came for the third time, the consul said, let’s passport and put the visa. And then we protupili and did not take a passport, plus a son It was not with us (and this is mandatory during visa registration), so as we did not think that they would be given to us. And the consul said, do not worry come back next time with your passports and son and put it exactly visas

The fourth time we came in full force and relaxed, but I got a very nasty consul. We didn’t like him from the doorway, he with hostility I asked questions and did not even listen to the answers. For a couple of minutes communication, he turned us around and said that cancels the decision of the previous the consul and that we need to bring more documents (certificates from Red Cross). For the 5th time, the other consul did not even look at New docks, but only asked when we are ready to go, and set us visas That is, here, how lucky. Many get visas from the first times.

Bun when moving

All immigrants are invited to receive a free flight to one end of the agency dry. About 2 months after appeals to them, you can fly, turn. Flight carried out by El Al. But you can and refuse fly for your money, for example, Aeroflot.

In Sokhnut, they will also give you a free taxi phone, which will take you with all your suitcases from home to the airport in Moscow

If you fly a free flight, you will also rely 2 free pieces of luggage (23 kg each) per person instead of one. That is, the three of us were supposed to have 6 seats, but we could barely climbed into 8 suitcases, so for 2 extra places they paid extra $ 100 for each suitcase. Moreover, if there was an advantage in free baggage (you can load a suitcase up to 32 kg), then the payment would be $ 70. I considered it cheaper to pay for 2 extra suitcases than fly by a margin.

With the paperwork at Ben Gurion Airport, you may offer a great warm blanket as a gift, do not refuse. Not I know if they offer it to everyone, but you can ask. Also upon arrival at Israel and after going through all the procedures at the airport again a free taxi will take you to the destination city across the country. Address must be said 2 weeks before the flight.

The first six months of your stay in the country you are paid basket absorption. The first part of the first payment you get in cash airport when processing documents. The second part of the first payment and the remaining 6 payments you get to the account opened with a local bank. The payment table for the current year can be seen in the screenshot below. Payments seem big, but you need to consider that everything is pretty expensive. However, one must also understand that this is a gift, and few of countries doing so.

Basket of absorption payout tableBasket of absorption payout table

Recycle Bin Pay Table

After the basket, you can receive unemployment benefits for six months to a year if you go to the ulpan (language courses) or check in consultant at the Ministry of Absorption. From the second year of residence All repatriates receive an allowance for renting an apartment. It is completely small, but also a gift.

If you have a disabled child, then there are 2 more benefits: allowance disability and travel allowance (if the child has difficulties with independent movement). They can be issued after the passage of all the medical commissions and paperwork.

Some nuances

At the airport, you can immediately sign up at the health insurance scheme. (for example, Maccabi or Clalit), this is the type of OMS in Russia, only paid. Next you will need to come to the main office of the health insurance fund in in your city, issue a magnetic card and indicate the bank account, with which will be charged a monthly fee for the insurance policy. The fee is not very big. Also here you can arrange extended insurance, it is a little more expensive.

New repatriates are exempted from taxes on income received outside of israel. For example, I have an IP in Russia and while I am not going to close, and it is enough that I pay taxes in Russia. Also I would like to note that I work on the simplified tax system of 6% and this rate is not changing, although I will stop being tax for a while resident (after six months of absence in Russia). But if I worked as a standard, receiving a salary from the employer, then the rate income tax from 13% would rise to 30%. This, by the way, concerns and tax on the sale of apartments, cars. Not sure if it’s straight everyone will check, but you need to know.

Within 30 days after opening an account in Israel (he will need to get a basket), you need to notify the RF tax on opening an account. If spouses go, they open the general family account, which belongs to both, and also need to be notified to both. I know, many are hammering on this requirement, and in fact, if then do not shine this information anywhere, it may be possible and Score. But this is not advice, it is imperative to be notified by law, and I did it.

The first year you can ride on their Russian rights (needed international law) without getting local. And for three years (you can immediately) replace your Russian rights to local Israeli, if your rights were from 5 years. This innovation was adopted in August 2017, and earlier for the replacement of rights it was necessary to take driving test in the city.

With tourist destinations in Israel, you can stay up to 90 days in within six months and without a visa. This is the question to call relatives or friends to visit.

You can leave after obtaining citizenship at least the next day. In this case, do not sign up at the health insurance scheme, because it requires payment. You can go back only with Zeud teudat (plastic card, ID), this is the type of internal passports Darcon – a full passport can be obtained only after 3 months in Israel. Maybe someday will issue immediately at the airport. Darcon gives the right to visa-free entry to A large number of countries, including in Schengen.

Art part or how we got

In principle, I have already told part of the whole process in “buns”, so maybe something to repeat.

We collected and dismantled the suitcases for the last six months due to failure Consul and continue to collect documents. Charges continued in the last day. Funny, 10 minutes before the arrival of a free taxi, I ran for another suitcase to the store because we are in the last They decided to take the vacuum cleaner with them. Although if not for that, then still would not have climbed into 7. It seems that you are already assembled, and left literally put more of this and this, but in fact is typed more a bunch of things. It’s a mystery to me how to get together, because a big some of the things you take with you are needed every day to wrap up.

The taxi was a minivan, which is logical, otherwise we would not fit. At the time of the order indicated how many luggage will be. To the airport arrived 3 hours before departure and there was already a queue from repatriates. Since we are with a child, we asked for no queue. An employee of the airline had a meticulous conversation with us, whether we ourselves packed our bags and did anyone have access to them while we were moved from home to the airport. After that, plastic clamps recorded lightning and signed on the suitcases, where is what technique situated. We still brought a slow cooker, a hairdryer, all kinds of forceps for hair.

For reference, the airline then checks the baggage separately. and can call on the speakerphone the owner of a suitcase to the gate for inspection. Paranoid, but like this. Us, by the way, no one did not cause.

Interview at the registration deskInterview at the registration desk

Interview at the reception desk

Then the flight was delayed for 40 minutes, apparently just because of all these checks. And I have such a suspicion that this is always the case. TO Unfortunately, we had an evening flight, and we flew to Israel at night. Very worried about Egor, because he needs to create a lot conditions for sleep, but we were lucky and the boy apparently from more the number of impressions passed out at the end of the flight, and then continued to sleep in a carriage, a taxi, and upon arrival at a rented an apartment.

Separately, I will say that El Al is so-so airline, aircraft cramped, there was very little space in the legs even we (and we are small), the food so-so. But again, the gift horse, you know.

As we said in advance in Sokhnut that we have a disabled child with all the consequences, we were missed out of the queue upon arrival. No, not even that, we generally had a separate design from everyone. Usually taken to another building and the whole procedure takes at least 4-5 hours. Apparently everyone is specially brought at night when few airport workers.

We stayed in this building, where we arrived, met us employee and took to the department of the ministry of absorption where we were alone Registration of all papers took about 1.5 hours. We were given first cash payment, gave a local sim card with 200 minutes to Israel, citizenship and internal passports. Then we went to get the luggage to the conveyor belt, where he spun everything this time. Judging by the number of luggage, we were among the first who took him. Then we waited 30 minutes for a taxi, which drove us in Haifa.

Flight in the close cabin of El AlFlight in the close cabin of El Al

Fly in the close cabin of El Al

An airport employee leads us to the Ministry of Immigrant AbsorptionAn airport employee leads us to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption

Airport employee leads us to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption

Paperwork and obtaining Israeli citizenshipPaperwork and obtaining Israeli citizenship

Paperwork and obtaining Israeli citizenship

Loading a bunch of luggage trunkLoading a bunch of luggage trunk

Load a bunch of suitcases trunk

We are driving through Tel AvivWe are driving through Tel Aviv

We drive through Tel Aviv

If not an expedited procedure, I do not know how Yegor stood the night at the airport. It seems to me that even an ordinary child with I could hardly stand it. In the case, where they make out simple mortals, no places to sleep for children, there is no normal food.

Special thanks to the airport staff for not just took us to a taxi, and still carried a heavy trolley with suitcases (we 4 suitcases for each put), I would not take 2 carts for 1 time would.

But the taxi driver some cunning caught. We first went south the countries where he refueled, and only then went north to Haifa. I do not know what kind of a trick it was, maybe there is some kind of special cheap refueling. As a result, we lost the extra 1.5 hours on the road. Not ice

We arrived at the apartment, which was ordered in advance through Airbnb. Register here and get a discount of $ 33 from Airbnb on apartments around the world. Valid on the first booking must be from $ 70, you can use it for a year after registration.

Get a discount of $ 33 →

None entered the apartment, they just fell asleep and that was all. But Yegor us woke up early in the morning, such as sleep. The apartment was super, we are in it just fell in love: in a new building, renovated, large balcony and a cool view from the window, but $ 150 / day. Daily prices for housing in Islamic to Israel, it is in Haifa, which is an inexpensive city.

A week later we left for an authentic and cheap apartment in one. of the worst areas of the city for $ 35 / day. Dark porch, written walls, dirt and debris, some strange personalities shy in the evenings. A flat can and was nothing for travelers without children, to gain experience in authentic location, but for living the area is definitely not suitable. Although in this area Many repatriates live, as they are the cheapest there.

Excellent apartment in Haifa for $ 150Excellent apartment in Haifa for $ 150

Excellent apartment in Haifa for $ 150

Excellent apartment in Haifa for $ 150Excellent apartment in Haifa for $ 150

Excellent apartment in Haifa for $ 150

P.S. Consider, I do not pretend to full knowledge of all the nuances repatriation, only what I read about, or what I encountered myself.

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