How it is to live in Israel to new immigrants – my 1.5 years experience

Israel is a country for me too ambiguous, because too many mixed impressions and unfulfilled expectations. The fact, that you feel a lot of pressure on yourself suggestion that everything is good in the country. And the brain does not understand, I myself coming up with cons, since many around are saying otherwise, or with people some kind of zombie going on? I personally feel that it is very many not to catch deep disappointment persuade others and that Israel is some kind of paradise. Although, perhaps, someone He left completely from bad conditions or in the 90s.

This post was written after six months of residence, and then I supplemented after departure.

The content of the article

  • 1 How repatriates live
    • 1.1 My generalized experience
    • 1.2 Experience of other people
    • 1.3 Useful for new returnees
  • 2 Impressions of the list
    • 2.1 Climate and sea
    • 2.2 Haifa is a small city
    • 2.3 Machine
    • 2.4 Sadiki
    • 2.5 Medicine
    • 2.6 Prices and standard of living
    • 2.7 People
    • 2.8 Travel

How repatriates live

On the pros and cons, I already wrote separately, be sure to read it.

My generalized experience

For me, these 1.5 years were quite easy, because they were accumulation and remote work. Could afford level life is the same as in Moscow or even better. I took a big good an apartment in a new house overlooking the sea for 5500 NIS (98,115 rubles) in month, bought a car, did not save on food, that is, no struggle for a life. You can consider this as another ode to a remote / freelance, they give quite great opportunities for relocation and emigration. After all for my work only internet and desktop are needed.

Of course, when the ruble income, and you live in expensive monetary country, you jerk from every change of course. However, the ruble revenues can also be increased, as long as the ruble is not at all collapsed. In any case, in the presence of work and savings moving runs much more smoothly.

Every day the same thing, sunset from my apartmentEvery day the same thing, sunset from my apartment

Every day the same thing, the sunset from my apartment

Every day I worked in the office, and Yegor helped meEvery day I worked in the office, and Yegor helped me

Every day I worked in the office, and Yegor helped me

Periodic cafes and walks by the seaPeriodic cafes and walks by the sea

Periodical cafes and walks by the sea

The main thing that happened these 1.5 years is the movement with the doctors and registration of benefits for the disability and movement of my son Egor. There is a lot of bureaucracy, the right hand does not know what the left one is doing. Soc workers are not particularly eager to help. Not all, of course, all depends on the individual person, how lucky. And very difficult without knowledge of Hebrew, since all the documents in Hebrew and talk on the telephone is also most often (although English sometimes saves).

An appointment for a doctor can be quietly waiting for 3-4 months, and Some specialists have a very narrow specialization, and one question must be visited immediately as many as three. First Medical Commission It was completed in half a year, the second was completed a few more months. The commissions themselves are much nicer and faster than in Moscow, but the collection of documents is very, very long / difficult.

An attempt to arrange a son in a special garden failed. Neither me nor the former wife did not like the garden from the word at all. Son sobbed every day, did not want to go there. Maybe so unlucky with the tutor and in In other groups everything was different, but nobody was engaged in child plainly. It was impossible to change the group, the director refused outright make any concessions, either as she says, or bring down. BUT Garden in Haifa is one.

Having lived in Israel, despite the comfortable living conditions, I I still realized that Israel does not resemble my son or me. Because of the child, I started all this attempt to move. But too little the pros. In Moscow, you can get quality classes for imputed money and their choice is quite wide. And in Israel, like it turned out nothing really there. And the standard of living in Moscow for people higher overall and for less money.

Unfortunately, the former wife refused to leave Israel, or Jewish roots have played their role, or allowances for which live quietly, just not to work. Yes, in Israel, well done in this plan, cool financially help benefits in contrast to Russia. But for me, it’s better to work, but to give children the best conditions.

Other people’s experiences

During my stay, I met different people, saw a lot discussions on the Haifa Facebook group. Moving stories are very various. Someone moves with money, someone without any funds at all existence, relying essentially only on the basket. In the last case will have to fight for a place under the sun from the very beginning and everyday.

So that you will not be told before the move, you should know nobody needs If there are no relatives, then you strangers Of course, they will help you with something, they will prompt you, but for you nobody will will do. To find a job, you have to really try. Many repatriates in the first six months, while they are paid a basket (what is basket), go to Ulpan to study Hebrew, and then look for a job sellers / movers in the store or other simple side jobs.

If there are strengths and ambitions, then go further, but it seemed to me that most and remains at the level of sellers and cleaners. To whom a little more lucky go to the factory. Without perfect Hebrew, connections, local education, not far away. Who has a business acumen, organize small businesses, such as apartment renovation. Someone makes money by providing services such as manicure or haircuts, I do not know whether it is legal or not.

Probably, only IT-shnik are good and fast, but they are Any country is welcome and good salaries are paid. I read that from Israel programmers then leave for Canada, because salaries are higher there, and lower price. They continue to love Israel, but from a distance. True, does it make sense to go through Israel—

Therefore, when arguing “prices are higher in Israel, but salaries are higher,” Know that on really good salaries which would block these prices are arranged units and not immediately. However, if your ambition is only enough to be a cleaner, it is better to be a cleaner in Israel than a cleaner in some Perm. By the ratio of salary / spending cleaner would be better to live in Israel. But IMHO this applies only to the professions of the lower category.

But I do not say that everything is bad. Every new country will have everything start from scratch, especially if there aren’t enough savings. Simply you need to understand why you are doing this and for what, what conditions life you had in the country of origin and what you expect to get in the result. It is one thing to move out of favorable conditions and another thing run from the war. Those who left a long time, simply do not know that in Russia no longer the 90s.

For example, if you live in Moscow / St. Petersburg, you have an apartment, car, good job, then I see no particular reason to move with economic point of view (we will not discuss other reasons, they too subjective). To achieve the same level, you have it will take years, despite the fact that you still hardly buy an apartment you can. Ready for this?

If you go from the Russian hinterland, having no means to survival, then in Israel will be a better standard of living. Minimum the official salary is 5,000 NIS (89,196 rubles). Back to the question about Israeli cleaners who live better than Russian. Yes and the basket helps the first six months, in other countries in general with money do not help with emigration.

Useful for new repatriates

Allocated in a separate paragraph, as it may be important to those who going to be repatriated soon. Since 2017, simplified a couple of moments.

First, they started issuing a full-fledged international passport (darkon) instead of temporary (less-pass). Previously, as it was, until the year you will live, you can’t see darkon, but the lesson pass is not very convenient, and it is often necessary to change it. And now darkon is issued in 3 months residence, valid for 5 years. I made myself.

Second, they made it possible to exchange their Russian driving license for local israeli without passing the exam. Let me remind you, earlier it was necessary to pass a driving test in the city, and these are extra costs for instructor lessons, turn-overs. The main thing, to Russian rights was from 5 years. My somewhere already 17 years old, so that I passed by this criterion without any problems.

Impressions on the list

Climate and sea

Adaptation to the heat occurred quite calmly, affects past residence in Thailand. Still, Tae is hot all year round, but here 3 months, not so long. Plus it all depends on the location apartment, or rather its air flow with the windows open. Although 40 degrees of heat, of course, it is a little pleasant.

I can sit quietly for half a day without kondeya, and when I turn on, then I keep the temperature in the room 26-27 degrees, that for I’m comfortable Well, and saving the type, and then the electricity is worth it, like kerosene for boeing. True, it plays a role that the boiler too electric.

A separate topic, how to live near the sea. I don’t know, maybe those who I have lived around him all my life, they will not understand, but I am very happy. First, run along the sea along the promenade is very healthy. compared with the treadmill in the hall. When you’re blowing air filled with the smell of the sea, this is something! And secondly, it is very nice to look at the sea from the window. No, I do not specifically stare at him for hours, sitting on the balcony, but every time I pass by the window in the living room, the gaze rests on one big blue nowhere.

Sea view from the apartmentSea view from the apartment

Sea view from the apartment

Our daily morning coffee with EgorOur daily morning coffee with Egor

Our daily morning coffee with Egor overlooking the sea

Haifa is a small city

A dream come true idiot – live in a small town instead metropolis (Haifa vs Moscow). To the store or the honey center now close. There are traffic jams in Haifa, yes, but if you live inside the city, then almost any place can be reached in 10-30 minutes. Well so cool! In Moscow, I used to travel for 1.5 hours only in one direction.

Although, of course, the civilization that was in Moscow Perhaps, if he lived in Tel Aviv, it would be enough, but there is a price tag for an apartment 2 times higher.

Haifa - a city by the seaHaifa - a city by the sea

Haifa – a city by the sea

A machine

Bought a car – Hyundai i30 sw 2014, by itself, second-hand. Ta-da-dam, for 65,000 NIS (1,159,544 rubles)! Lam, Karl! Got for these Ushatannaya three-year-old money with a mileage of 70 thousand and a bunch of scratches. Prices tin, 2 times higher. Until now, the head does not fit, because Moscow could take for the same money, or the same new car or class above.

And the local Israeli mandatory CTP is decently worth about 1500 NIS (26,759 rubles). Full insurance, an analogue of our CASCO about 5,000 NIS (89,196 rubles).

Further, if without accidents, and when will the driving experience be in Israel will be approximately 1,200 NIS (21,407 rubles) and 3,800 NIS (67,789 rub), respectively. But also a lot.

Owning a car, given the price of gasoline – an average of 6.3 NIS (112 rub), turns into a separate significant item of expenditure. But with car life is just a fairy tale! You can drive to the supermarket just once week and load the trunk on the most tomatoes. And to doctors not on buses, and with comfort. Besides some doctors in others cities are (small country), by car at times faster than on public transport.

Public transport, by the way, is quite an amateur. Drivers buses go very famously, as if they are late for the next world if Do not hold, then fly away nafig. And often a lot of people inside.

On a private parking lot near the house and the first trip by car to Tel AvivOn a private parking lot near the house and the first trip by car to Tel Aviv

In a private parking lot near the house and the first car ride Tel Aviv


Spetssadik promised the best for such children, almost with special medical officer assigned to Egor. Actually, garden – This is one of the main reasons for the move. But it did not work out.

The best one turned out to be the only one in Haifa, without a choice. Only wherever they take such children who have multiple violations. There are few classes, a few a week, I will not say about their quality, It took two weeks of walking, because the child went into hysterical, so did not want to go to kindergarten. I have a blood heart it was drenched that I myself would take him there with my own hands.

As I understand, the staff is not enough, and my blind son, completely unaware of the situation around him, he remained alone and naturally he was scared. Children sleep on the tiled floor on the mattresses, toys as with garbage, and air conditioners are working on full and blow straight to the kids. Well I do not know. I was not so imagined, when I was told about the super duper gardens.

As a result, they were transferred to home education. One teacher tells religious tales and teaches Hebrew child, showing Pictures. And a child not only speaks Russian badly because of deafness, but also almost blind. The second is engaged in type of exercise therapy, succeeding do a couple of squats in half an hour of training. Here it is israeli education. Hmm.

It was impossible to hear the pleas, not to take him to the gardenIt was impossible to hear the pleas, not to take him to the garden

It was impossible to hear the pleas, not to take him to the garden

The medicine

Doctors are very surprised here that it’s impossible to stay with children. resuscitation in Russia (this is another reason for the move), in Israel, on the contrary, you almost sign a paper that you promise to be constantly. And that’s cool. I do not know when the Russian will come to this the medicine.

The qualifications of the doctors regarding the child have not yet succeeded check. The diagnosis is already worth it, I did not learn anything new and did not find out. No new treatment was offered, which is also logical. But again, no one tried to attend to this issue, in fact, as in Russia. About the only drug my son takes, I I found out myself, while I had been writing off a long time ago with an Australian doctor who was leading the same disease. Neither in Russia nor in Israel about the drug knew.

Hospitals look, um— How to put it more softly, visually not very much. Not modern in terms of design and decor. By at least 2 out of 3 where i was. Honestly, I would like to appearance did not correlate with professionalism and medical using

Hospitals look differentHospitals look different

Hospitals look different

Prices and standard of living

When someone stutters about prices in Israel, they immediately tell him about high salaries in the country. Yes, they are higher than, for example, in Russia, I do not argue. But! When you are a new immigrant, then find a decent job with a decent salary will take decent strength and time, starting with the fact that the language must first learn, ending the fact that you have to learn a new profession. And maybe get a local education or confirm your diploma if somehow help.

Do not forget such a moment that not everyone succeeds in eventually go to a normal salary. That is, however cool, but lowering the standard of living when you move gets almost each. So, all the same you will compare with the prices in the country outcome (in my case in Russia), and compare with their level life before the move, where life was already arranged. This is again to the question of what conditions come from. And for good reason there is an opinion that moving is zeroing and lowering the standard of living for any dealings. And, if you managed to do quite good financial situation, then maybe you should not even move without the fact that it will turn out to create all the same in a new country.

Therefore, I personally compare and continue to compare prices with Russian. Moreover, the world is such that the boundaries in general open and you can always choose a country for life not only by salaries, but also at prices. It’s great to live where there are high wages and low prices, right? :) It is therefore not surprising that Israel’s people leave for the States or Canada, where prices are lower and wages above.

Anyways, I’m not used to local prices. Any hike in I have a supermarket – it is at least 300-400 shekels (5,352-7,136 rubles). And if you stock up for a week, then about 700 NIS (12,487 rubles). Something a bit much.

And the communal is also unusually expensive. Electricity bill for 2 months 700 shekels quietly (12,487 rubles) in those months when used air conditioning for heating and cooling. Gas 60 NIS / month (1,070 rubles), water 250 NIS for 2 months (4,460 rubles).

Well, and still annoying me you know what? For every trip to Moscow I had to make a whole shopping list: appliances, clothes, shoes and so on. Maybe this is normal, once I flew there (cost optimization nobody canceled), but still strange.

We collect toys carts :)We collect toys carts :)

We collect toys carts :)


I am infuriated by the Israeli “I navel of the earth”, which manifests itself, for example, is that no one ever stepped aside in the bus, standing in pass to miss you with a stroller.

It seems like it is not from evil. It is so accepted here. The position is simple, it is necessary will be, say, and I will depart, or even move me myself. Therefore, here normally literally move someone to the side or his bag, to go through. Perhaps this position teaches to be more relaxed, less soared about others. But I am very it’s unusual, sometimes I even park for 5 minutes just so that no one interfere.

In general, there is relaxation in people here and it is noticeable. It is difficult to say what it is. Not too rush somehow. On road usually do not honk, if you blunted for a couple of seconds, or do not yell at the store at the checkout, if you delayed the cashier with stupid questions. Yes, there are loud family quarrels with waving hands somewhere on a picnic, but this is not about leisure, but rather about emotionality

On one of the holidays, people just burn a fire in the yardOn one of the holidays, people just burn a fire in the yard

On one of the holidays, people just burn a fire in the yard

Others are not used to anything – you constantly see soldiers with automatic machines. Every time a reminder that the country is in a state of war with the entire Arab world that rockets periodically fall and no one knows if she will fall next to your house. A separate room-bomb shelter in the apartment also reminds of by this.


From Israel you can buy cheap tickets to Cyprus, Crete and Budapest. For 50-100 euros round trip. This price allows you to fly away only 3-4 days, so let’s say, on the weekend without interruption from the rest of life. But I never got together, I didn’t really think so, and I have to work It was.

But in Tai fly expensive. And I have to go there at least once year of work, update your guides. Most likely more profitable combine with trips to Moscow to do things there. Realistically Israel is inconvenient in this regard, cheap tickets from it on the right I have no directions. Still need Prague, Spain.

Travels in Israel are not particularly developed for all this time. WITH The car, of course, in this regard, everything has become much easier, but just I don’t like it either. The nature here is rather scanty, in summer it is generally so everything is burned, and I love the forests of central Russia. Essentially for the sake of work (guide) traveled north to Jerusalem, to the Dead The sea, in Eilat and in Tel Aviv.

My journey with Egor to the northMy journey with Egor to the north

My journey with Egor to the north

We are in Eilat, waiting for dolphinsWe are in Eilat, waiting for dolphins

We are in Eilat, waiting for dolphins

By the way, do you know what is trekking in Israeli? I see it so: “Guys, here we have a square kilometer here, we ought to namutit here the route for the whole day. OK! If there is little space, we will do it. Circular route a few extra ascents and descents so that people are tired. And it would be necessary to come up with some historical legends about these stones so that there is a sense to wind circles around the mountain. “Total we have a 10-kilometer route on a small patch. Something like this :)

Below are some photos of my trekkings. I went just like that to climb But again, nature is too small for me. Single routes are suitable for me, since basically fields and hills without vegetation.

The ruins of the cave cityThe ruins of the cave city
The ruins of the cave city
At 28 degrees it was very difficult to climb hereAt 28 degrees it was very difficult to climb here
At 28 degrees it was very difficult to climb
A little oasis among scorched hillsA little oasis among scorched hills
A small oasis of scorched hills
Reels circles for mileageReels circles for mileage
Winding circles for mileage
In the distance, Lake KinneretIn the distance, Lake Kinneret
Away Lake Kinneret
Sometimes a little more greenSometimes a little more green
Sometimes a little more green

P.S. As a result, now I am trying to arrange a residence permit in Spain. Plus much more and prices are low.

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