Advantages of moving to Israel – impressions after first month of life

I perfectly understand that all the pros and cons are subjective. therefore here is my point of view on these issues, one and a half later years of residence in Israel. I tried from the very beginning, as soon as arrived, write down everything, both good and bad, since the brightest impressions on the contrast with the previous place of residence (Moscow). And after completing their posts during the stay.

About the cons I have a separate post. I do not recommend reading it. to the patriots of Israel, because they are painfully nervous and even doggy poop on the sidewalk is sweet to their heart because poop is not ordinary, and Israeli.

The content of the article

  • 1 Attitude towards children
  • 2 Attitude towards people with disabilities
  • 3 Not everything is expensive, something is cheaper
  • 4 Food
  • 5 Accommodation with a view
  • 6 Warm climate
  • 7 Public toilets
  • 8 Sidewalks and congresses
  • 9 Russian language everywhere
  • 10 People help
  • 11 Community and homeland

Attitude to children

Indeed, the country is kids friendly. I realized that as soon as flew straight right away. I remember, went with the former wife to the bank to open an account, and the son, as usual, loudly sulked in his characteristic his manner, and we hissed at him, they say, shut up. What is the bank the servant who served us, and said, he is a child, he should cry. Actually, from this point on, we generally stopped steaming, that Yegor makes many different sounds and behaves not always calmly.

Here it is the norm for children and no one reacts to such things, and especially does not give advice on how to educate, and does not say, what a child is ill-mannered. On the other hand, permissiveness Israeli children are not all to their liking.

Attitudes towards people with disabilities

What struck me in the first days in the eyes – here on the streets there wheelchairs. I see them every day. Someone in a regular stroller someone on the motorized, there are just retired on such electric scooters. This makes me happy! So on a wheelchair you can move and live in general. Let not perfect, but possible.

It’s hard for me to say how people with disabilities live in general, but the benefits are here. for them it is much better than Russian (not for all truth categories), they help in stores to collect products, there are technical means rehabilitation, which are given free of charge. But the most important thing is that they may leave the house.

I constantly see wheelchairs on the streetsI constantly see wheelchairs on the streets

I constantly see wheelchairs on the streets

Not everything is expensive, something is cheaper

For a SIM card with a package of 6 gigabytes and 3000 minutes / sms, I pay 35 shekels (550 rubles). In Russia, the same prices for communications. Some products that I ordered sometimes in online stores in Moscow or on iHerb, are sold here in ordinary supermarkets, and, prices the same. For example, coconut oil or quinoa groats, which without gluten free and generally tasty stuff.

This is the question that not everything is so expensive here. And it may well to be that some goods will be even cheaper than they were in Russia. But how important it will be for you is difficult to say, and so more, as it affects your wallet at the general high cost of everything the rest.

Coconut water and coconut oil prices tezheCoconut water and coconut oil prices tezhe

Coconut water and coconut oil, prices same


I love tomatoes. In Moscow, in ordinary supermarekta (Alphabet of taste not considered) difficult to buy in the winter and sometimes in the summer, tomatoes tasteful, even cherry. You should always go to the market. So in Haifa in a supermarket near me, cherry tomatoes have a normal taste and cost 7 shekels per pack (125 rubles).

I also like cheese less here. You know, I’m not that cheese fan, but after the sanctions in Moscow with cheese was not very. Not argue, somewhere in the farmers markets or special places in Moscow, may have normal cheeses, but in the usual district supermarkets near the house, and in the same Auchan, they disappeared for me. Immediately in Haifa, I I can buy cheese again in a regular supermarket 100 meters from at home, not searching.

In Israel, there are Russian shops with Russian products. Right here with those sold in Russia. The price tag is not Russian, but by Israeli standards, they are about as well as Israeli.

Russian products in IsraelRussian products in Israel

Russian products in Israel

Accommodation with a view

In a post about the cons of Israel, I “walked” thoroughly about apartments, this is something with something, of course. But! When you take off an apartment in Haifa from the middle or upper price segment, then you You get a relatively good option. For example, apartments, which I like and that meet my requirements (pleasant area, new house and windows without cracks, elevator), receive a bonus view of sea. In Moscow, I can not get it, no matter how much I will cry. True, there are very few new houses—

In Haifa, a normal apartment of 3 rooms costs about 4,500 shekels per month (80,276 rubles) along with taxes. Price tag is similar to Moscow

Another separate item I will write. I do not know how for the rest, but for me is a plus. In Israel, very often the kitchen is often combined with living room! When I was looking for an apartment in Moscow, I would rent such apartments saw very little. And I just do not digest individual small the kitchen is so uncomfortable.

In the houses there is a view of the seaIn the houses there is a view of the sea

Houses have a sea view.

Warm climate

Climate. He is peculiar and an amateur, yes. But somehow, to me ran into the memory of the phrase that in Israel, 9 months of hellish heat. However, this is not at all the case. It is cold here. Although it all depends more from a particular city, of course, and your personal perception, what is hot / cold.

Judging from the temperature charts and my experience of two winters in Haifa specifically, it is only hot from May to October (5 months), and It is quite hot only in August and around it, when the column Thermometer often keeps above 30 degrees. That is necessary understand that in Haifa there are six months from November to April, when from heat / heat you can fully relax.

In the winter months, the main problem is not the climate, but the fact that there is no central heating. The usual thing is to turn on the air conditioner heating (but to many it is expensive), walk in warm clothes, sleep on electric sheets. But back to the item about housing, if you normal windows, nice house, you do not save on heating air conditioning, then the winter will be transferred normally. Just the whole the question is money.

There is a sea in IsraelThere is a sea in Israel

Do not forget that in Israel there is a sea, it is also a plus!

Public toilets

It seems to me that in Russia, even in Moscow, the whole problem with public toilets. Here they are, you know where? AT supermarkets and banks. Also in the banks still coolers with some water stand by. So, when Yegor and I approached a security guard in a store, ask about the toilet, he didn’t even immediately understand the question, apparently in his the picture of the world does not happen so that there is no toilet in the supermarket. AND He is not very crap, if that, but quite normal (although from store depends).

Also the toilets were met on the beach, in the instances, in clinics, on the street. All toilets are free.

Sidewalks and congresses

In principle, after Russia, you will not notice anything special, here there are also sidewalks everywhere, but after Thailand (after all, my blog about Thailand), here it is direct well, very cool. In Thailand, the whole problem on the street somewhere to walk with an ordinary baby carriage, not to mention wheelchair, and without a wheelchair there it’s better not to go there on foot. Here in Haifa, everything is about the same as in Russia, plus or minus. There are various congresses for wheelchairs, in almost any store You can go without problems, since there are no thresholds, and often in large Shops have elevators, if the store is two-story.

Every bus has a place under the stroller, where it can be put and fasten the belt. Further more. When entering the bus you can ask him to go down and he almost drops to the ground (Apparently, air suspension). And in order that the disabled person could call on wheelchair, throws a special bridge on the sidewalk. Something I remember something like this in Poland when I lived there.

We are traveling by bus around HaifaWe are traveling by bus around Haifa

We are going in a bus in Haifa

Entry / exit from metronita is very convenient, at the same levelEntry / exit from metronita is very convenient, at the same level

Entry / exit from metronita is very convenient, at the same level

Russian language is everywhere

Almost everywhere you can meet someone who speaks Russian or in English. I mean, the instances are different or the same. the shops. At first, more than enough to know English primitive level, because if a person does not speak Russian, then it will most likely speak English.

Also in some call-centers (for example, Internet service provider Hot, Maccabi Health Insurance Fund, Bank Hapoalim) also speak in Russian. Of course, not every employee says, and not immediately You get it, but they are.

In some instances, the main signs (time, location of floors, etc.) may be indicated in Russian. On the streets are Russian signs.

Signs in RussianSigns in Russian

Signs in Russian

People help

I was frightened that new immigrants are looked down upon, do not want help them and almost troll. Like, it was difficult for us, and you too must, too, sip a goofy. But the reality turned out to be quite another, almost every day, I meet a startling participation. People, Indeed, they are trying to help, someone with a word, someone with a deed. AND more often by deed. Complete strangers! And all the polls congratulate on the move when they find out that you are just had arrived.

For example, I asked a Facebook question in the Haifa group, regarding housing, and several people immediately wrote to me in PM specific advice, left the phone so that you can call and ask all about the paperwork, contracts, and so on. BUT A couple of people offered to directly take and transfer the lease agreement with Hebrew to Russian and explain all points. This is the job of a lawyer, on just a minute, which costs money, but the man did in the end is free.

Another person gave a tour of the area, spending his time in day off. The hostess rent apartment helped us suitcases on the second floor and then offered help in finding housing and generally trying hard to help. The third person helped transport suitcases from one apartment to another, brought to the store so that you can It was to buy the most basic. The fourth person helped fill questionnaires for medicine in Hebrew.

Community and homeland

There is another advantage that I know from the words of other people. If a if you are a Jew, you practice the Jewish religion, then you can be in Israel, as at ease, feel communion with others people with whom you have essentially common roots, a common worldview and religion. Perhaps that is why for some Jews, Israel is Motherland

Since I am not a Jew, and my ex-wife had roots, for me it has rather become a minus since I am very far from the mentality Israelis, religions, and so on.

P.S. Got something to add? :)

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