End of intrigue – why we moved to Israel

Long time did not write to the blog, more than a month has passed since last post. And in fact, so much has happened for that. time, global change! However, I have a serious reason for the absence of which I will now tell. I think the title you guessed it, what will be discussed. So to say, the end of the intrigue, I reveal all the cards :)

The content of the article

  • 1 Moved to Israel
  • 2 Preparing for the move
  • 3 Reasons to travel to Tai
  • 4 Reasons for moving to Israel
  • 5 Why Haifa
  • 6 Further plans

Moved to Israel

So, friends, those who do not follow me in the social networks, I inform you temporarily changed the country of residence, as far as – I do not know. Not so easy We went somewhere to travel, and received a second citizenship. Instead of Moscow, we now live in Haifa (Israel). They did not expect? Perhaps for some it will all be a complete surprise, but I had a plan and we followed it clearly. Yes, he was flexible, and departure periodically tolerated, but we have been preparing for this for quite a while to the relocation, they simply didn’t tell practically anybody about it, in that including on the blog. Not much of superstition, how much because it’s better telling in fact about something perfect than telling about their plans, dreams.

Honestly, we still do not believe that we have moved. Somehow more like a trip, especially still living in apartment for rent, almost as tourists. But I think through some time to reach us finally.

In any case, we regard our trip as exploration. Thats there is supposedly we left for a year to see if you want whether to stay on, will it succeed here to settle down and merge into local life, whether Egor will receive what we would like. To Moscow never too late to return, bridges we did not burn and from citizenship Russian did not refuse. Israeli passport is only good, You can go to Europe without a visa.

Apartment for rent, where we live nowApartment for rent, where we live now

Apartment for rent, where we live now

Awesome view from the ten th floorAwesome view from the 10th floor

Awesome view from the 10th floor

Preparing for the move

Preparing for Israel was also slow and took 1.5 years. Us for a long time did not give a visa for permanent residence, we were 5 times at the consul and each time we were asked to bring more documents. And, played a role and human factor, one of the consuls sent for the penultimate time almost without looking, asking for a couple more references, although the previous a visit to another consul said that bring such and such a piece of paper and we exactly, just put a visa for permanent residence. And we already, I remember, almost no bags packed. As a result, they gave us a visa only at the end of 2016 of the year.

I came back from Thailand in mid-February 2017 and we had only a month (initially they wanted to lay 2 weeks in general) so that finally prepare for the move and collect for the tenth time suitcases. Affairs was above the roof, barely managed to do everything, something buy, sell something, collect things, so it was not up to work and blogging. Besides, the head did not think at all in the direction work, all thoughts were about fees. Like now, all thoughts are about find an apartment, arrange all documents, buy a car and at least settle down a bit. This is me to the excuse that I have nothing wrote.

By the way, there were 8 suitcases for three. On the one hand, a lot on the other hand, I wanted to take more, so that I would not spend here later money for the same things, since Daria cannot keep herself from purchases. But the free rate for each person is 2 suitcases (23 kg in each), total 6 suitcases for three, and for 2 suitcases I had to pay extra $ 100.

One of the attempts to collect and see whether we are climbing or notOne of the attempts to collect and see whether we are climbing or not

One of attempts to collect and see if we are getting involved or not.

8 pieces finally came out, why do women need so much clothes8 pieces finally came out, why do women need so much clothes

Finally, 8 pieces came out, why do women need so much clothes

The flight was free, but arrived very uncomfortable at nightThe flight was free, but arrived very uncomfortable at night

The flight was free, but arrived very uncomfortable at night

Upon arrival in Tel Aviv, we immediately received citizenshipUpon arrival in Tel Aviv, we immediately received citizenship

Upon arrival in Tel Aviv, we immediately received citizenship

Reasons to travel to Tai

And I’ll explain quickly about my trip to Tai. If I I didn’t go to Tai now go (it is undesirable while leaving Israel). Last wintering 2015-2016 also passed without collecting information due to Egor’s illness. Total 2 years is too long a period in our rapidly changing world information in the guidebook would lose relevance, and indeed I have unpublished Tayu content a long time ago. Let me remind you that my main specialization is a guide to Thailand, which I have been doing for 6 years now.

As I wrote here, my principle is better in detail and relevant. about one country than fluently about a few. Of course, it would be possible do rewrite from other sites, but I still prefer to do author’s guide and see everything with your own eyes.

Reasons for moving to Israel

Many people ask why Israel. I’ll try to explain.

The main reason for the move is Egor. We hope to get here. normal attitude towards children and children with disabilities in particular. For example, that from us, as from lepers, did not leave with the nursery site Well, I don’t want any special attention to the street when a rather big boy (outwardly normal) for some reason riding in a stroller and hooted loudly.

We also hope that there will be classes for Egor and some kind of treatment, it will be possible to give Yegor to a special school / special school, where he will have socialization. With this moment there is complexity, so how is it accepted to bring your sick children to school. But this need to check in practice, is it really and how is it It looks exactly in a special school / special school where there is a nurse, a doctor and so on

With special schools everything is not very much in Russia, there are few of them, so are funded themselves, the teachers are tortured and they are not enough, and usually such special schools sharpened by a single violation. For example, to the school for the hearing impaired Yegor does not get there, nothing is adapted for him.

And after we went to intensive care in Moscow and in reanimation in Bangkok, I wanted to become rich and more in Russian resuscitation does not fall (resuscitation in Thailand is terribly expensive). And it’s not even about equipment. I firmly believe that the parent has the full right to be in intensive care with the child around the clock. And it is not discussed. And I don’t care what about this think the chief physicians of Russian hospitals. Hi, Morozovskaya!

Thank God the process does not stand still and progress is in this direction (there are adequate doctors, there are activists), but I personally do not I want to wait until all this is implemented until the end, since Egor can get into intensive care at any time. And I would not want in such situations to spend one kilojoule of energy to overcome bureaucratic obstacles or strain ties to get into resuscitation, once I had enough. In Israel, in reanimation allowed without problems.

Here it is - the reason for the move :)Here it is - the reason for the move :)

Here it is – the reason for the move :)

Actually, these are fundamental reasons. There are others less significant, such as a warmer climate. I do not exclude that all that I drew on the forums special children from parents who moved with my children to Israel, and from whose words I drew my conclusions, will be very different from what I see myself. Believe me long time no illusions.

In Israel, shells periodically fall, a kind of climate, live here is more expensive than 2 times than in Moscow, at high prices very old housing fund, ice tile floors, 100% tax on the import of cars. Many cons, I know. But if Yegor in his short century is here will be better then i’m ready. And if our expectations are not met, then it is never too late to return to Russia or move to the same Spain. The main thing is not to stand still and try to change the surrounding conditions. for themselves.

Why Haifa

Haifa is located in the north of the country and it’s noticeably cooler there very relevant in summer, because summer is hot. It will be colder and in the winter, but it may well be that we will be the coldest month go somewhere. But in general, in terms of a cold winter, the problem is not temperature outside, and in homes without normal insulation and central heating. That is, you can drown, but they will be decent electricity bills. Actually, that’s why we are looking for an apartment in a new house, and so far we don’t find any, offers are few.

Also in Haifa, cheaper housing than in Tel Aviv. And we need It is a large city, where there will be a choice of special schools, special schools, hospitals, doctors and so on. And in Haifa, you can live in 10 minutes on foot from the sea. In Tel Aviv is also possible, but such an apartment will cost much more expensive. Tel Aviv is more expensive city.

We are afraid of the ecology of Haifa. We’ll see. We will live here for a year, and there we’ll see.

The center of Haifa and the view of the Bahai gardensThe center of Haifa and the view of the Bahai gardens

Center of Haifa and view of the Bahai Gardens

Future plans

Most likely, Daria will go to Ulpan to learn Hebrew, I will not go, so how to work and finally get behind the processing of information on Thailand. After half a year I think to take Egor to Moscow for rehabilitation Rumor to a private center (so far this is the best we have seen). Next in winter and spring I do not exclude that I will go to Tai for a few months.

I was also asked if I would make a tourist Israel travel guide. More likely no than yes. But to describe all processes for future immigrants (repatriates), just will not. Only stories about life here, about how justified waiting

P.S. My wife and I ended up divorced. Including because not agreed on how Israel is suitable for our child. 10Think about whether to go there. Everything is not as good as advertised.

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