Holidays in Greece with children can and should be!

Spending a holiday in Greece with the whole family is a great chance. get a lot of positive emotions, a lot of impressions and a huge cheerfulness. Quite a few families prefer to relax in Greece Why? Let’s understand this question.


AT Греции отдыхать безопасно

Greece is one of the safest countries in the world. Special This applies to the island of Greece and places that are distant from big cities. Naturally, in a city like Athens, just not there may be no crime (such is the nature of man), but its level is negligible compared to the Russian. It happens that Tourists vacationing in Greece may lose their personal property – sometimes the police fixes cases of theft. AT the rest of the rest in Greece is absolutely safe. Even at night you can move freely through the streets without worrying about your health and wallet But still we recommend to follow the elementary rules. own security!

It is possible and necessary to have a rest in Greece with children!a photo:

Great beaches

Greek beaches are exactly the places where your child can enjoy the sea and the sun. A large number of beaches in Greece marked by an international environmental compliance certificate – Blue flag. Most beaches are quite small and therefore safe for children. The shores are mostly sandy or pebbled, on them, the child can play freely, building intricate castles. Вaddition must be said that in the sea waters of Greece do not live sharks or other types of life-threatening animals.

Hotels with pools and water parks

Kids love the pools! That you know without us. In greek hotels You can always leave the child playing in the pool, while you yourself will relax under an umbrella or enjoy a cocktail in hotel bar. As a rule, many hotels have at their disposal several pools: separately for adults and separately for children. Also on site you can always find children’s play. site In some hotels, little tourists can participate in entertainment programs that are special to them have prepared animators.

It is possible and necessary to have a rest in Greece with children!a photo:

If the child will be a little hotel pool, you can always visit the water park. Especially a lot of water parks is located on the islands. Crete, Corfu, Kos and Rhodes. This kind of recreation is certainly not suitable only children, but also adults.

How to feed a child in Greece?

In Greece, you will find the healthiest and freshest products, especially if you visit one of the many mini markets where fruits and vegetables grown exclusively in Greek are sold earth As a rule, local restaurants and taverns have their own farms where they grow all that is required for cooking delicious menu. Ripe tomatoes, melons, watermelons, cheese, grapes, honey and much more – do not hesitate, all this is tasty, useful, and most importantly without any chemical additives.

It is possible and necessary to have a rest in Greece with children!a photo:

Make sure your children eat as many greek people as possible. “utility” and prepared themselves for the Russian winter.

By the way, adults can safely taste homemade wine, which It often has an even more delicious taste and lower price. compared to the bottle.

Sights of Greece

What is Greece and without history? Visit to numerous Greek attractions will make a huge impression on your child (and adults will also be useful). Medieval castles, ancient excavations, maritime museums, places familiar from the myths of the Ancient Greece – be sure to book excursions from your tour operator and broaden your horizons and knowledge in history with your a child.

It is possible and necessary to have a rest in Greece with children!a photo:

In addition to historical attractions, in Greece there is many reserves, zoos, natural parks, where children It will be interesting to spend your time. For example, on Zakynthos you can visit the stone park Askos, and then go on an excursion to turtles carriage carriage.

In conclusion, it should be said that subject to the elementary safety rules vacation in Greece with children will be and good for health, and very entertaining. Do not doubt, Feel free to purchase a tour to Greece and enjoy your holiday in the hospitable land of ancient Hellas.


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