Halkidiki Peninsula received an award for Aristotle


AT сентябре в итальянской Падуе состоялась ВсемирнаяTourist Exhibition – Cities and World Heritage Sites. Chalkidiki Peninsula managed to get a prestigious award. It is interesting that it was “brought” by an outstanding native of this Greek region – Aristotle. The award has become a recognition of the contribution of the philosopher to World Heritage Development.

The award was received by the Halkidiki Tourism Organization (HTO), which does not intend to stop and rest on its laurels. Вcollaboration with Italian internet portals, she developed New offers for European tourists. In particular, the HTO will promote the region through electronic media throughout the whole of the year.

In addition, the Italian TV channel RAI International has already begun filming five programs about Halkidiki, Alexander the Great and Aristotle. The film tells about Pella, Salonika and the city Serre.

Simultaneously with the advertising campaign, HTO took up the organization gastronomic events. They will be the impetus for the promotion traditional local produce in Italy. Italian journalists invited to Halkidiki for exploring the monastic kitchen of Athos, farm visits and meetings with local producers.

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