Greek Yorgos Harlampopoulos wins Championship arm wrestling


Греческий титулованный спортсмен Йоргос Харлампопулос являетсяone of the world’s best wrestlers of armwrestling among left-handers. And him managed to prove it once again by winning the Championship Armwrestling World in Kuala Lumpur. The wrestler was introduced to categories over 100 kg.

Harlampopoulos, who in the past participated in the championships on weightlifting and bodybuilding, managed to snatch victory from 11 others wrestlers from 11 countries. Before this successful Harlampopoulos championship won third place in the 2015 European Championship. New international champion for many years conquered gold medals and incentive awards at competitions of different levels.

Harlampopoulos considers his main talent and success to be only persistence in achieving the goal, but also the ability to quickly understand the weak hand rivals. And the experience he does not hold. Sport life Yorgos began at age 8, when the future champion came to the section struggle and began to take the first steps to the dream. At 13, Harlampopoulos carried away weightlifting. Despite his young age, has achieved some success. Then there was the search for himself, records and, finally, the right to represent Greece at the prestigious world competitions.

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