Greek siesta – a time of healing recreation


“Кто хорошо отдыхает, тот хорошо и работает” — похоже, этуthe ancient wisdom of the Greeks have long been adopted by themselves. Like many Mediterranean countries, Greece has a very pleasant custom – siesta, or afternoon rest.

The history of this wonderful custom lies in the depths of centuries of the ancient of the world. It is believed that the progenitors of siesta are the ancient Romans, but is this true? .. We know how many Romans borrowed from the Greeks.

The word “siesta” comes from the Latin “hora sexta”, which means the sixth hour. It was ancient Roman time, and if you translate the “sixth hour” in a modern way, that siesta time is just going to be at lunchtime at about noon. Usually siesta lasts from 13 to 16 hours, during the sun itself.

The Greeks honor and observe the traditions and customs of their ancestors, especially as pleasant and helpful as a siesta. What is the essence siesta itself? Everything is very simple. As practice shows, residents more northern latitudes to the main working time include the span of the day from morning to evening, whereas southerners, given midday heat, prefer to take a break during the day and finish the job a little later, in the cooler evening hours. So it happened that after lunch the Greeks took refuge from the heat and go to the kingdom of Morpheus.

Greek siesta - a time of healing rest

There are three main reasons for siesta, and they all deserve attention. First, after 7-8 hours after a person wakes up there is a breakdown, and in order not to overwork the organism, need to give it a rest. Also the siesta time is affected and that the fact that after a hearty lunch, blood flows to digestive system that causes drowsiness. And finally The third factor is the truly hot climate of Greece, when at noon The temperature in the sun can exceed 40 ″ C. Work in such heat – only mock your body. Serious scientific studies have proven that such an afternoon nap is extremely It is necessary for children up to five years old and is very desirable for all adults. especially young men. Greek scientists led by Konstantin Soldatos together with their American colleagues came to the conclusion that siesta has such positive properties:

  • contributes to the normalization of blood circulation;
  • greatly improves memory, makes learning easier process;
  • prevents the development of depression and stress;
  • significantly improves performance and maintains high body tone until the evening.

It is worth mentioning that the Greeks have a high life expectancy (average life expectancy of women is 80 years old, and men are about 78 years old), and cardiovascular diseases are much less common than others Europeans.

This custom is so ingrained among the inhabitants of Greece that even big cities seem to be dying out during siesta hours. Through the streets passers-by cease to dream, shops and shops close, the traffic is almost stopped. Unfortunately, in big cities, some Greeks have already begun to move away from the old traditions and conventions, but in the provinces during the afternoon recreation is often impossible to buy even a bottle of water. Greeks are used to to such a lifestyle, which can only envy.

Greek siesta - a time of healing rest

There are unwritten laws of “correct” siesta, that is, such rest, which will be useful to the body:

  • the ideal length of an afternoon nap is 30 min;
  • if sleep lasts more than 40 minutes, then all its beneficial effect reduced to nothing;
  • siesta is contraindicated for people with sleep disorders and insomnia;
  • siesta is extremely necessary for children, it is best to spend it around 16 pm;
  • the most appropriate place for an afternoon nap is a cozy chair or sofa.

To this tradition, which has come down to us from time immemorial, worth being treated with respect. The Greeks will never disturb during siesta causeless phone call or visiting. Siesta – it is a time of rest, recuperation, and it is considered to interfere bad taste. For guests of Greece, this custom is unusual, but how practice shows, tourists gladly adopt this a wonderful opportunity to indulge in the afternoon and in full least enjoy siesta.


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