Greek Oktoberfest at Elatochori


Если вы ищете альтернативу стандартному отдыху, то посещениеGreek beer festival for you will be an excellent choice.

The second Greek Oktoberfest will be held from 17 to 19 October in Elatochori (Pieria, Northern Greece). All visitors to the festival will be able to taste the wonderful Greek beer, meat appetizers and dishes of traditional Greek cuisine.

Elatochori is a picturesque village in the nome Pieria. Here you can find many hotels and hostels. Moreover, Elatochori – it is also a ski resort. So with entertainment will not be no problem.

The aim of the festival organizers is to position Elatochori as resort, where you can relax all year round.

Come, there will be a lot of beer, music and dancing!

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