Greek multivisa for up to 3 years already soon


Увеличить количество туристов на 500000 человек и доход до 13Billion Euros – the main goal set by the Association Greek tourism enterprises in 2014. But greek travel agencies express their concerns related to recent events between Russia and Ukraine, as well as with the weakening of the ruble against world currencies.

According to the Greek edition of “Kafimerini”, on Wednesday April 16 at Moscow hosted a meeting between representatives of Greek tourism and Russian tour operators. The main purpose of the meeting was to to report on the intricacies of the new visa system.

Now, any Russian citizen who has Greek Schengen visa with a note about visiting Greece for the last three years, can get a multivisa for up to three years old!

Thus, the Association plans to increase the number of tourists from Russia to 1.5 million people.

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