Greek island – among the hidden treasures Europe


Организация “Лучшие европейские направления” включилаThe Greek island of Samos is among the hidden treasures of Europe. It is based in Brussels and was founded for the development of culture and tourism in Europe. The organization has hundreds of offices in the territory whole EU and helps tourists learn more not only about popular, but also about little-known directions.

This time, the list of places recommended for visiting has hit The picturesque village of Kokkari on the island of Samos. Her population – a little more than 1000 people, but this did not prevent her become one of the 13 uncharted treasures of Europe. One more reason Samos’s inclusion on the honorary list is his rich history. it the island of Pythagoras, the astronomer Aristarchus and the philosopher Epicurus. Him pristine landscapes and traditional ways allow you to discover the real Greece In antiquity, Samos stood at the crossroads of trade routes and had a strategic position, and his culture influenced the formation of a European culture.

Along with the island of Samos and Kokkari, the list included German Rothenburg, Croatian Preko, Slovenian Bohinj, Faial Azores, Italian Positano and Menton in France. BUT Recently, the organization named Europe’s best destinations for travels. According to the voting results, the second place was taken Athens.

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