Greece without cars: cities, streets and whole islands, where there is no place for cars


Забыть о шуме, машинах и пробках в современном мире трудно, ноGreece has become an exception. Here is where to take a break from problems civilization and get closer to history or nature. Alone pedestrian areas are not limited to: in Greece there are whole islands without car traffic.

Hydra Island

quiet island Hydra

In Greece, everyone knows: traffic jams and noise are boring – go to Hydra. Only garbage trucks and trucks have the right to move along its roads. pedestrians. The rest of the transport load is shared by bicycles, water taxis and donkeys. Mostly the Athenians rest on Hydra, who seek to escape from the stuffy capital. By the way, you can go here for the day, and return to Athens in the evening. Island love for the atmosphere of romance, therefore Hydra often flashes in the Greek movies. The main port is located in a large harbor, and from both sides it is surrounded by white houses and hills. Center of the main city You can get around on foot pretty quickly. On Idre you should visit the bay Limnionis and Castello. And respect for the island allowed keep narrow streets, churches and mansions in good condition.

Spetses Island

The atmosphere of authentic Greece on Spetses

The atmosphere of authentic Greece is available to tourists on holiday. Spetses. This is an island with colorful cobbled lanes, pine shady forests, clear water beaches and mansions with unique architecture. But its most important feature is almost complete lack of cars. More precisely, it is prohibited to import new ones, and residents have to use the few available by cars. To move around Spetses you can use the services of boats or ride in a carriage with horses, sometimes There are mopeds. These measures help to preserve the healing air – no wonder Spetses literally means “fragrant.” Sure to visit the adjacent islets of Ayios Janis and Specopula as well walking through the old streets is the main and obligatory entertainment for every tourist. On the sidewalks of Spetses flaunts a mosaic that has become a recognizable symbol of this island.

Lindos (Rhodes)

impressive Lindos

Impressive Lindos on the island of Rhodes is considered the standard of beauty. and stories. It is a village with narrow alleys and white buildings. The only possible way to get around is on foot or on donkeys. Time seems to have not changed Lindos at all. Him authentic appearance of all the forces supported by the state. Lindos located on a hill, and at its foot – the bay with the golden by sand. It is worth looking at the Acropolis, the medieval church and colorful quarter with captains mansions. Finally, Lindos is capable to conquer alone with the landscapes and views over which he stands out.

Anafiotika (Athens)

Once in the Athenian Anafiotika, you might well think that you on one of the islands of Cyclades. District deliberately built in this style, painting houses in white and blue and carefully dropping off the bright flowers Anafiotika – a godsend for those who love to wander for a long time on streets, peering into traditional workshops and admiring architecture. This area is so peculiar that it can “pull” from the rhythm of Athens, transferring to a different atmosphere.

Athenian Anafiotikaphoto:

Hermes Street (Athens)

In the center of the capital is conveniently located shopping street without cars. There was no other way on a crowded street: even on weekdays the flow of people wanting to buy bags, jewelry and shoes stops, which is especially abundant here. The rest of the space is occupied by cafes, which are filled with the Athenians on warm evenings. During the walk then there are interesting buildings with wrought-iron balconies, pastry shops, which is impossible not to look, magicians, historic temples – on Hermes street Athens reveal their contrasts and contradictions. Also the street connects Monastiraki, Syntagma and Plaka, so tourists can get around more attractions in one day.


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