Greece is one of the most accessible countries for recreation


В мае Греция заняла четвертое место среди стран, отдых в которыхmost budget wallet tourist. This conclusion came site specialists.

The report says that despite the increase in prices in May hotel accommodation on average by 14.1% (average price per night – 78 euros), Greece is still one of the most affordable European countries for recreation.

The list of the cheapest countries includes Bulgaria (54 euros), Romania (66 euros) and Poland (69 euros). And the most expensive countries were Denmark and Norway. For one night spent in these hotels countries would have to pay 168 and 156 euros respectively.

The increase in the cost of living in hotels in Athens in May amounted to almost 26%, while the average cost stopped at 106 euros / night. Despite this, the Greek the capital has held a high position among European cities with cheap hotels: the average price per room in Athens is 30% lower Central European.

So, in May 2014, Athens is located on the 16th place in the list cities where hotel prices have the highest attractiveness The most “cheap” city was the Spanish Zaragoza (62 euros per night), and the most “expensive” – ​​Geneva (284 euros for night).

photo: © Maria Theofanopoulou

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