Greece is not only the sea and beaches.


О Греции сказано и написано много хорошего: и о лазурныхcoves, and idyllic islands, and luxurious beaches that every year include in the various ratings of the “most-most.” But at that At the same time, Greece remains an unrecognized country, because some tourists are much more important to spend a holiday in the hotel, than to explore the rich heritage of Hellas.

For centuries and even millennia, Greece has been the center development of the most important events in the history of Europe. Today she enters Top 5 most popular summer destinations among Russians – here our fellow citizens are welcome: offer abundance tourist services, make signs in Russian and are increasingly trying communicate in the native language of the guests.

Despite the large selection of excursions, as well as opportunities for independent travel (advanced transportation, cheap flights within Greece, car rental services), many tourists are limited to the standard route: airport, transfer, the territory of the hotel. And getting used to the Turkish All Inclusive is hard to give up passive recreation, even in such Landmark-rich country like Greece.

According to tour operators, all-inclusive holidays in Greece annually choose at least 55% of Russian tourists. And they are attracted by the three components of such a pastime: unlimited access to food, animation for adults and children, and proximity to the beaches. Why are our tourists so afraid (or do not want) go beyond all inclusive?

Greece is not only the sea and beaches


All Inclusive commitment is often associated with the desire to save. It seems that pre-paid vacation with accommodation, food and a set of standard entertainment will protect from unnecessary costs. Choosing All Inclusive in Greece, tourists no longer worry about currency fluctuations, but risk losing the most important thing – emotions from exploring this country. After all, the real Greece is a tavern and bouzouki, ancient temples and ancient ruins, secluded villages with authentic lifestyle and breathtaking canyons.

As for food, gasoline prices and excursions, in Greece they are one of the lowest in Europe. For little money in local Institutions can get a generous portion of dishes really traditional cuisine. And it makes no sense to drive themselves into the All Inclusive, especially since any activity is much more useful uncontrollable overeating.

Greece is not only the sea and beaches

Lack of time

Any journey requires long preparation. Especially in when it comes to Greece, where you can get confused number of architectural monuments and museums. Not every the tourist is ready to devote time to drawing up the route – to many much easier to trust “all inclusive”. But whoever decides to organize on their own at least part of their journey, will receive from this only pleasure. After all, vivid impressions are worth to spend time and get out of your comfort zone.

Greece is not only the sea and beaches

Lack of information

Expecting from Greece something like a holiday in Turkish resorts, you can be disappointed. After all, European All Inclusive looks different: the territory of the hotel can be very modest, and the choice of dishes and entertainment – limited. Sometimes under the “all inclusive” in Greece Three meals a day, which is no different from full board. And that’s not counting the need to pay for use of sun loungers. It turns out a vicious circle in which the benefit It will be very doubtful – and in fact for the sake of economy, many do bet on All Inclusive

Greece is not only the sea and beaches

The love of tourists to “lazy rest”

It is no secret that the All Inclusive system was first introduced by hotels in Caribbean islands. That is, on earth where the cultural program (frankly) very meager. Therefore, the only exit – enjoy the beach holiday and food. In Greece Unwillingness to spend time outside the hotel’s territory compared to crime: not to see Athens, Meteora or Ancient Olympia means not to go in Greece. And if European tourists in recent years, in literally full of passive rest, discovering alternative forms of tourism, our support the demand for tours included “. And for many to spend money on at least one excursion, when the tour has already been paid, and at all something beyond reasonable.

Greece is not only the sea and beaches

Getting into the trap of the system “for all paid”, it is difficult for tourists get out of it. By the second week of rest and animation, and abundance food is boring. As a result, there is a risk of not getting any impressions from Greece is a country whose cultural heritage is admired by the whole world. The best alternative is to pay attention to its bright architecture. festivals, walking routes, diving directions, sea excursions or (why not?) agritourism. And in winter the country turns into a paradise for lovers of mountain skiing. Good, travel in Greece it is possible all year round with comfort even by plane and ferry, even on a rented car or bus.

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