Greece is a land of three seas

19.11.2013Greece is a land of three seas

Греция расположена на юге Балканского полуострова. Mainland part of the state and its many islands are washed several seas (among them – Libyan, Thracian, Cretan, Tyrrhenian and others). They, in turn, enter The composition of the larger marine areas: the south washes Mediterranean, western Greece – Ionian, and east – Aegean.

According to the total number of large and small seas washing the territory of the state, Greece ranks first in Europe. Naturally, this geographical feature affects the economy. country. The two major items filling the budget of Greece are revenues associated with the exploitation of its water area, and tourism. In the first case, the state receives payment from foreign vessels passing through its waters. As for tourism, here are the advantages of Greece before other countries are indisputable: unique historical monuments, world famous pilgrimage centers, ancient cities, about 1400 islands, numerous resorts and beautiful beaches from Year in year attracts tourists from all over to this amazing country of the world. The mild climate allows you to sunbathe, swim, fish and Do water sports all year round!

the sea in Greece on Santorini

Mediterranean Sea

In ancient times, the main centers of civilization were located around the Mediterranean pool. That is why it received corresponding name (lat. Mare Mediterranea – “The sea in the middle land “)

A unique Mediterranean type of climate that is different hot dry summers and mild winters, due to the influence of many factors. The sea connects with the Atlantic Ocean only narrow The Strait of Gibraltar, therefore, has an autonomous ecosystem. Besides Moreover, it is located in the subtropical climate zone, therefore temperature indicators are high here: even in October, water warms up to +23 ° C, and in summer – from + 22 ° C to + 26 ° C. Water in The Mediterranean Sea is characterized by high salinity and transparency, and also weak tides.

Most of the beaches of the Mediterranean are sandy and pebbly, they equipped with sun beds, umbrellas and rental stations of various equipment for water sports. Between the islands constantly plying ships, yachts, ferries, pleasure boats, so getting to the point is not a problem.

Guests of Greece should definitely visit the southern part of. Rhodes, where a narrow strip of sand it connects with a small peninsula Prasonisi. On the one hand, the coast is washed by turquoise waters. Aegean Sea, and on the other – the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. it the place is called the “Kiss of the two seas”.

Map of the Seas in Greece

Ionian Sea

There are two versions of the origin of the name of the Ionian Sea. According to the first, the name was given to him by a tribe of Ionians who lived here in ancient times. The second version is connected with the mythological plot. One day, the god Zeus fell in love with the beautiful priestess Io, but his wife Hera out of jealousy decided to destroy the opponent. To save the beautiful virgin, thunderer turned her into a white cow. During the flight of Io swam across the sea, which since then bears her name.

Nowadays, the Ionian Sea is known not so much because mythological plots, however, thanks to the sun resorts, among which: Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Corfu, Lefkada and others. The tourist season here lasts from June to October; summer water warms up to +26 ° C, and in winter – up to +14 ° C.

Ionian Sea

Aegean Sea

The cradle of Greek civilization is considered the Aegean Sea. In the territories washed by its waters, it was born and developed and other great states: the successor of ancient Greece – Roman Empire, Byzantium, Ottoman Empire, Bulgarian Kingdom. The origin of the name of the sea dates back to ancient times and has several versions. The most popular is the mythological: the king Athenian state Aegean rushed into the sea from a high cliff, thinking that his son Theseus died at the hands of the Cretan monster of the Minotaur. Since pore the sea and bears his name. Other versions – origin from ancient Greek phrase “waves on the water” or the name Town Aigeus (about. Eviya (Evbeya)).

The Aegean Sea is very warm, so tourists especially love rest in the local resorts. In the summer months water is at its the surface warms up to + 25 ° C, in October the indicator is still keeps at around +23 ° C, in winter it is + 11–15 ° C.

Aegean Seaphoto:

Perhaps the most popular holiday destination in the Aegean Sea basin. – the peninsula of Halkidiki. Thanks to clear water, 42 of its beaches are marked. “Blue flag” – a quality mark that is assigned only the best beaches in the world. The local resorts have everything you need. for a quality holiday – rental locations, snack bars, numerous hotel complexes, etc. Most vacationers prefer the resorts of Metamorfosi, Nikiti, Neos Marmaras and Vourvourou

It has long been chosen by Halkidiki and divers from around the world: beginners can watch the amazing sea life close to land Professionals prefer deep dives: off the coast Peninsula many sunken ships of different eras, so that from the bottom you can even pick up a unique artifact. The presence of wind and waves makes Aegean Sea is a suitable place for surfing and windsurfing. In the area of. Rhodes hosts annual competitions these sports.

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