Greece introduces tourist tax from 2018 of the year

15.07.2016фото: Reuters

Greek authorities are introducing on January 1, 2018 tourist tax, the maximum amount of which is € 4 Overnight depending on the category of hotel accommodation, transmits RNS reference to the Association of Tour Operators Of Russia (ATOR).

Under the payment of tax fall as an independent, so and organized tourists. The highest tax is € 4 night – pay tourists living in hotels 5 star category, 3 star four star hotel and € 1.5 — a three-star hotel.

Tourists who rent an apartment, apartment or hotel level “one” or “two” stars, pay from € 0.5 to € 1 per night.

In the country was introduced tourist tax in the framework package of austerity measures that the Greek government Took in May this year.

Earlier, Rostourism called Greece the most sought-after country for holidays urossiyan.

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